Guvera Users Stick With Brands

Jun 15, 2010, 09:00 ET from Guvera Limited

NEW YORK, June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Since its March launch in US, Guvera has successfully united brands with their target audience by linking a long-awaited consumer desire – free, legal, downloadable music with a positive brand experience.

US brands including Victoria's Secret PINK, Microsoft, Sprint, Mastercard, Geico and H&M, have created channels on Guvera.   These brands are being rewarded with meaningful consumer engagements - the average time spent on a Guvera branded channel is between five to seven minutes, and click through rates are up in the double digits.

In contrast to the traditional TV and online disruptive advertising models, Guvera offers brands the opportunity to become the destination for consumers rather than a disruption. Guvera enables brands to engage with consumers by providing free legal music downloads and a brand experience that is relevant to their target audience.

Guvera has in excess of 75,000 users, with 3-5000 new registrations received each week. Guvera users are represented by a 60:40 male to female ratio, and 70 per cent are under 35 years of age, interestingly 5% + are over 60.

Guvera now allows advertisers and small businesses to create branded channels that range from being completely customized to easy-to-build template channels at  This enables small businesses to skin their channels with logos, imagery, video, links to other sites, promotions at a fraction of traditional design costs.

With content partnerships and licensing deals with leading music companies, including Universal Music Group International, EMI, INgrooves and IODA, there are now 1.5 million +  tracks available on Guvera and growing.  

According to Guvera founder and CEO, Claes Loberg, advertisers must acknowledge that technological innovations have given consumers the control to click past and ignore traditional disruptive advertising. Now weeks out of launch, it's apparent that consumers are brand loyal, taking the time to select a brand and interact with the individual channels to download their free music.

"Guvera is built on the belief that a brand will have more meaningful and emotional connection with a consumer if they create an environment that marries the brand with their key audience interests and provides the consumer with something of value instead of trying to disrupt them," explained Loberg.  

About Guvera Limited

Guvera USA, Inc is a music and content download system designed in Australia, founded in 2008. Guvera provides a way for content owners such as artists and record labels to generate revenue from their music, making it readily available and 100% free and legal to consumers. Content is paid for by advertisers looking to target consumers in a revolutionary way with branded channels.  The company's consumer facing website is Visit for a presentation for advertisers and agencies.

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