H360 Media Partners with UrbanLinx Media, Inc. to Create the Fastest Growing Portfolio of Millennial Targeted Sites

H360 welcomes HotNewHipHop, BallOverAll and SneakerMob. Partnership strengthens H360 Media's ability to connect advertisers with cross-cultural, 20-something male influencers.

Mar 17, 2014, 11:58 ET from H360 Media Group

NEW YORK, March 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- H360 Media Group, a division of Harris Media, the multi-brand and multi-platform media company, announced a strategic partnership with UrbanLinx Media, publisher of HotNewHipHop, BallOverAll and SneakerMob.

"Adding UrbanLinx to our portfolio solidifies our position as a leader in original content development and marketing solutions for brands looking to reach millennials," said David Cohn, H360's CRO.  "HotNewHipHop, SneakerMob and BallOverAll elevate our game and are all welcome additions to H360's music, fashion and sports verticals," added Publisher and founder of H360's XXL and SLAM, Dennis Page.

UrbanLinx President, Saro Derbedrossian commented, "As leaders in digital content delivery, we've always placed the utmost priority on developing and curating quality content that engages our audiences. We're thrilled to be working with H360 and look forward to combining our efforts to bridge new and exciting media opportunities."

This exclusive partnership lends an additional 2MM monthly unique visitors to H360's existing audience of 20MM. Beyond amplifying H360's reach, the partnership allows the two companies to collaborate editorially and pool sales & marketing resources, strengthening H360 Media's ability to offer branded content and sponsorship solutions.        

"While the growth is beneficial, we're not interested in scale for scale's sake; H360 selectively partners with premium publishers like UrbanLinx that complement our own editorial mission. The goal is meaningful engagement through quality content," stated Jeffrey Rich, National Director of Digital Sales for H360 Media Group. David Schnur, H360's Sports Director, added, "UrbanLinx' sites help our clients to better connect with an audience of young and active male consumers."

Digital marketing experts are also enthusiastic about the partnership and agree that the move strengthens H360's positioning in the marketplace:

"Trusted brands like H360's XXL provide a unique voice and the addition of HotNewHipHop will allow a way to leverage an existing platform with extended reach to our target," said Timothy Simko, Account Director, LVMH Spirits at Havas Media. "While programmatic has its place, advertisers need to understand contextual and motivational factors. Strategic publisher partnerships like this play to the strengths of lifestyle portfolios and make them better content providers and media partners," added Lane Sorkin, PHD Strategy Director.

About UrbanLinx Media, Inc.
UrbanLinx Media 
is home to premium urban entertainment and lifestyle websites, providing destinations where its audience expresses and consumes what matters the most to them: music, sports, kicks, gear and lifestyle content. UrbanLinx' flagship HotNewHipHop.com is one of the web's largest hip hop music sites and a promotional powerhouse for established artists and rising stars. With one of the largest communities of hip hop aficionados on the web, HNHH serves as a direct link between artists and fans alike. UrbanLinx' portfolio of websites continues to build an interactive meeting place for a deeply passionate audience that is eager to engage.

About H360 Media/Harris Media
H360 Media is a solution-based digital portfolio comprised of over 40 premium sites that reach a targeted, influential, cross-cultural audience. H360 offers a full array of display, mobile, video, social and experiential products to effectively activate campaigns for advertisers. Content from in-house brands like XXL, RIDES, ANTENNA, ELEKTRO, 0-60 and SLAM is amplified by a collection of like-minded sites creating a scaled solution for capturing an engaged audience of young men with purchase power and credibility amongst their peers. H360 is the digital/lifestyle division of Harris media, one of the country's largest multi-brand, multi-platform media companies with over 75 consumer print magazines spanning categories from music to sports to beauty to business.

For Questions & Inquiries, please contact David Cohn: dcohn@h360group.com, 212-462-9590

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