HackerRank Announces Partnership With Jazz To Optimize The Recruiting Process For Highly Qualified Tech Job Candidates

Integration Will Allow Jazz Customers to Evaluate Technical Candidates Using HackerRank's Code Challenges

Feb 01, 2016, 12:55 ET from HackerRank

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- HackerRank, a platform that ranks engineers based on their coding skills and helps companies discover talent faster, today announced a partnership with Jazz, the #1 recruiting software for small businesses, to assist companies in recruiting and hiring highly qualified tech talent. This new partnership allows Jazz customers to use HackerRank's popular code challenges and credentialing system to evaluate technical job applicants. The partnership will reduce hiring time for companies and offer a faster, more streamlined experience for candidates.  

With HackerRank, companies can objectively assess candidates' programming skills across multiple skillsets and in over 30 programming languages. HackerRank's pair programming feature, CodePair, lets engineers interview candidates with real-time coding and live video. Jazz customers can now access these tools to optimize their hiring process.

"It's extremely hard for companies to find great engineers using traditional hiring methods, like resumes," saids HackerRank co-founder and CEO Vivek Ravisankar. "By partnering with Jazz, we're building a seamless bridge between highly qualified engineers and companies who need them."

Integrating HackerRank's code challenges into Jazz's core Applicant Tracking System (ATS) enables Jazz clients to easily sort and vet job candidates' coding capabilities and instantly assess whether candidates meet job requirements. Code challenges also frequently reveal qualified candidates that recruiters may have overlooked in prior searches.

For candidates, the Jazz and HackerRank integration allows them to apply for a job based on skill, instead of simply using a resume. Candidates request a code challenge from companies and then solve that challenge. Once solved, candidates share their availability for interviews and companies have up to five days to schedule an interview. HackerRank holds companies accountable for making a decision, and informs the applicant whether or not the company decided to move on to the next round.

"The rate at which companies need to hire top tech talent is increasing steadily. Our integration with HackerRank allows our clients to optimize their recruiting process while filling crucial engineering positions," said Pete Lamson, CEO of Jazz. "Through this partnership, we're empowering our clients to identify and hire high performing programmers to keep them growing swiftly and efficiently."

Other features of the HackerRank and Jazz integration include:

  • Empowering hiring teams to give real-time feedback on potential employees and make informed decisions to quickly eliminate unqualified candidates.
  • Reducing the response time from candidates and need for manual input, which has a direct impact on how quickly companies are able to fill vital positions.
  • Enabling companies to create challenges that assess the exact skillset for which they are hiring.
  • Utilizing a system that keeps records of the feedback timeline and completion of challenges so applicants know where they stand throughout the entire application process.

HackerRank is a platform that ranks engineers solely based on their coding skills and helps companies discover talent and save time to hire. We're driving a new paradigm shift by eliminating resumes and creating opportunities for hundreds of thousands of programmers worldwide. Over 1,000 companies use HackerRank to build strong engineering teams.

Jazz is groundbreaking software that bridges the gap between recruiting and performance to help growing companies recruit, accelerate and retain a high-performance workforce. Jazz gives recruiters, hiring managers and HR professionals powerful yet easy-to-use collaboration tools for recruiting transformative talent and coaching employees to peak performance. Jazz is also the creator of Crowd, the HR industry's first integrated crowd-sourcing, big data and predictive analytics initiative. Founded in 2009, Jazz is a venture-backed company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Learn more by visiting Jazz.co.

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