Halcyon Software Publishes Free Best Practice Guide to Monitoring AIX Systems

Nov 27, 2013, 05:00 ET from Halcyon Software

PETERBOROUGH, England, November 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Halcyon Software, a global leader in systems management software, has published a new Guide to Monitoring AIX Systems.  Written in plain English, it provides best practice guidelines that answer the most challenging issues faced by IT staff, enabling them to successfully manage AIX systems and ensure the smooth running of their business operations.  

According to Carole Chandler, Sales and Marketing Director of Halcyon Software:  "We have produced this best practice guide to demystify the art of managing AIX systems.  This quick reference resource describes the most important aspects of AIX systems that need monitoring and the reasons why this should be done.  It also shows how the lives of systems administrators can be made less stressful through the adoption of an appropriate monitoring solution and the use of pre-configured, adaptable templates for the monitoring and management of AIX environments."

This new guide has been written for IT staff who are more used to managing IBM i systems and are suddenly faced with the challenge of monitoring AIX systems.  It will help them to quickly adapt to the traditional styled user interface and the unusual commands that make little sense to people unfamiliar with the UNIX environment.  This scenario commonly results from company mergers and acquisitions when AIX systems become part of the infrastructure requiring technical people to monitor and manage them with little prior knowledge.

The guide provides information on the text-based commands that generate key system performance data which is displayed on a console.  It also shows how the use of advanced monitoring and scheduling tools from companies such as Halcyon Software can automate these processes, sending alerts to designated IT staff and providing effective escalation procedures through a centralised Enterprise Console.  This includes mobile apps that also allow staff using smartphones or tablets to manage AIX systems and view alerts when they are away from their desks." 

About Halcyon Software

Halcyon Software is a global leader in multi-platform systems management software solutions that reduce the complexity and cost of monitoring critical business systems, core applications and processes.  They support IBM enterprise-class systems, including IBM® i and AIX®, as well as Windows® and Linux® platforms.  Halcyon solutions are used world-wide by large multi-nationals, corporate and public sector data centres as well as small to medium-sized organisations to ensure that vital IT systems, business applications and services are available 24/7.  With regional offices in Peterborough UK, Philadelphia USA, and Melbourne Australia, Halcyon also has an international network of partners and distributors supporting Europe, the Americas and Asia Pac. For further information please visit http://www.halcyonsoftware.com

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