Halek Energy Announces Another Successful Sand Frac in Halek (Caddo) Field

Dec 14, 2010, 01:01 ET from Halek Energy, LLC

DALLAS, Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Halek Energy, an independent oil and gas exploration company, announced that it has successfully completed a sand frac of a recently completed horizontal well in the Halek (Caddo) field, located in Jack County, Texas.

Production from the formerly underperforming well (Johnson 9H, API # 42-237-39353) was increased from less than 10 barrels of oil and 85 mcf of gas per day, to over 200 barrels of oil and 800 mcf of natural gas per day.

"Halek Energy will continue to optimize production from the wells the company has drilled in the Halek (Caddo) field," said Jason Halek, CEO of Halek Energy.

A frac is a procedure used to improve production from an oil and gas well by forcing pressure into rock formations, creating fractures to allow better flow of the hydrocarbons to the wellbore.

The procedure involves the use of frac sand and frac fluids that are pumped into the well during the fracturing operation.  The frac fluids are designed to flow well and carry the sand during pumping, but transform into a gel when pumping stops.  The gel holds the sand in place until the fracture closes and traps the sand between the rock layers.  Since the sand is carried along with the fluid into the fracture, the sand remains in the fracture when the pressure is removed, keeping the fracture propped open and allowing an ideal route by which the hydrocarbons can flow to the wellbore.  

About Halek Energy

Halek Energy, LLC is a Texas-based oil and gas exploration and production company. With corporate offices located in Southlake, Texas, Halek Energy has active drilling programs located in Texas and North Dakota.

Through its innovative horizontal oil and gas well drilling programs, Halek Energy strives to achieve superior enhanced oil and gas recovery results by using modern drilling technologies. Visit www.halekenergy.com

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