Halitron, Inc. Announces Signed Letters of Intent in Excess of $1M in Annualized Sales from Targeted Acquisitions

Feb 01, 2016, 09:43 ET from Halitron, Inc.

NEWTOWN, Conn., Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Halitron, Inc. (OTCPK:HAON), an equity holding company is excited to announce that it has entered into three separate letters of intent to make key profit generating acquisitions during the first quarter of 2016.

Management anticipates that these three acquisitions will generate over $1M in annualized sales and establish the base of operations to lever future add-on acquisitions.

Halitron, Inc.'s CEO, Mr. Bernard Findley commented, "We are very excited on the progress we have made in such a short period of time.  Over the past year we have positioned Halitron, Inc. to be a fast paced equity holding company, able to create significant shareholder wealth."

In 2016 our focus will be to acquire and develop the business model as previously outlined in our business summary video that was published in January of 2015 on the OTC Markets web site. (Please See Link Below).


There is tremendous pressure on many business models operating solely in the US market.  Manufacturing, distribution, and overhead costs are often overwhelming to many small-to-mid size businesses.  Halitron's management team has targeted a number of strategic acquisitions to maintain a low overhead for manufacturing, distribution, and sales, and marketing techniques, primarily focused on digital marketing, which is highly scalable. 

Halitron, Inc.'s portfolio company's business model was developed to compete with online retail companies who deliver products and services to consumers.  Halitron, Inc. will distinguish itself by using best practices in this industry in two primary ways.  First, Halitron, Inc. will own the brands that sell to the end user.  Second, we will manufacture a majority of our own products in the factory owned by Halitron, Inc. and distribute them from only one distribution center located at our factory in Mexico. The Halitron business model will be vertically integrated and operate at very high gross margins whereby we manufacture our own product, take advantage of NAFTA and low DUTY costs, low freight expense due to its strategic location, and implement online digital marketing techniques to drive sales growth of the brands owned by Halitron, Inc.

"Throughout the fourth quarter we focused on building a pipeline of acquisitions to lever a business model that includes a strong manufacturing base located just over the border from San Diego, California," Mr. Findley continued.  "Halitron, Inc. will acquire recognized brands that primarily sell product throughout the US market.  By manufacturing product and selling to the end user, this vertically integrated business model will be able to operate profitably and will be developed as a platform to absorb newly acquired businesses and then 'roll' them into the existing infrastructure."

About Halitron, Inc.

Halitron, Inc. (OTC: HAON) is an equity holding company focused on acquiring sales, marketing, and manufacturing businesses, and rolling them into an efficient, low cost operating infrastructure.  The Company is structured with two Strategic Business Units; Sales & Marketing Division and a Manufacturing Division.  Management targets operating entities that can either benefit from current operating infrastructure or operate autonomously and offer an additional product or service to scale existing operations.  For more information on Halitron, Inc. please visit www.halitroninc.com.

Sales & Marketing Division - Companies that have operations in traditional marketing services and branded sales opportunities. Current Equity Assets/Holdings:

  • NDG Holdings, Inc. – digital marketing

Manufacturing Division - Companies that have operations in the manufacturing industry. Current Asset / Equity Holdings:

  • None at the present time.

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