Hall Latch Manages Extreme Environments

Jun 21, 2010, 08:58 ET from Melexis

YPRES, Belgium, June 21, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Melexis today releases the MLX92211, second generation of Automotive Hall-Effect Latch sensors. The MLX92211 comes as a great successor of the worldwide famous USx88x series by Melexis. This brand new platform has been meticulously designed to deliver a standard product with tremendous performance and exceptional robustness for more and more stringent automotive requirements such as Electrical Power Steering (EPS), Window lifters/Sunroof, Seat Adjusters, Wipers or Motor Commutation.

The MLX92211 features a very sensitive Hall-Effect sensor operating from 2.7 to 24 volts, covering automotive, consumer and industrial applications. With Latching magnetic behavior, the open drain output is switched ON and OFF by applying South and North magnetic field perpendicularly to the package top side, typically the case with rotary applications using "on-shaft" multi-poles ring magnet.

Especially designed for automotive applications, the device integrates all protections required when using "integrated" or "remote" sensors like very high electro-static discharge (ESD) rating, reverse supply voltage protection, output short circuit protection and even more.

Brand New Platform

The MLX92211 core is based on a high voltage sub-micron process ideally suited to handle low and high operating voltage from 2.7 to 24 volts as well as low and high operating temperature from -40 to 150 degree Celsius.

The whole magnetic core was reinvented in this platform with a special focus on the offset cancellation system to allow faster and more accurate processing while being temperature insensitive. A negative temperature coefficient of -1000ppm/degC was implemented to compensate the natural behavior of magnets becoming weaker with rise in temperature.

The result leads to very stable and accurate magnetic switching points of typically +/-3mT (milliteslas)at 25degC, while the output is updated every 6us (micro-seconds) with a jitter of only +/-3us, thus increasing repeatability factor within the application.

Packaging & Availability

The MLX92211 is packaged in the 3-pin Thin SOT (TSOT) package for SMD mounting. This package has been specially selected to be "face-up" meaning the silicon die is facing the package top side. Respectful of the environment, the SE package is fully "Green" compliant including notably RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), Lead-Free (Pb-Free) and Halogen-Free compliance.

The MLX92211 is available for high volume production with engineering samples available on request.

A picture is available via the following link: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/_YtW2JOccL-pDT- GZikqGbcAYqeHWmCfQZJJlnsMC_0?feat=directlink

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