Halloween Fun Should be Fire Safe, says George Saadian

Fire Protection Group, Inc.'s founder believes that fire protection systems can reduce Halloween related residential and commercial fires.

Oct 16, 2012, 14:56 ET from Fire Protection Group, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Halloween is fast approaching and, while many associate the day with sweets and dressing up, groups who perform fire protection services associate the end of October with an increase in fire outbreaks. George Saadian, the founder and lead engineer of Fire Protection Group, Inc., believes that festive people can enjoy the holiday without sacrificing personal safety. Thoroughly installed fire protection systems, as well as a dedication to celebrating Halloween as safely as possible, can save lives and property damage.

An increase in candle use is just one facet of the Halloween spirit that increases the risk of blazes on the holiday. Whether candles are used to illuminate a walkway or to transform a pumpkin into a jack-o'-lantern, they're out in full force on Halloween. Numerous agencies, including the National Fire Protection Agency and firefighter groups, recommend using flashlights or battery powered candles for light instead. However, people should take extra precautions if they want to use open flames safely. Fire Protection Group, Inc.'s George Saadian recommends the installation of residential fire sprinkler systems. These systems are life-saving, property-protecting tools that can either fully eliminate a fire before firefighters arrive on scene or at least hold it off until their arrival. Furthermore, sprinkler systems only go off in the area where the blaze is located. This not only prevents the spread of fire; it also minimizes the part of the home that gets doused with water.

Also, residences and businesses that throw company parties should ensure that their fire protection systems are installed and working. Human error—due to elaborate costumes, the misuse of gimmicky, unsafe holiday decorations, and alcohol consumption—leads to an increase in fires caused by accidents around this time, too. Fire Protection Group, Inc. employs contractors and engineers with decades of experience in the industry who can set up your building for ultimate fire safety. From the proper placement of fire extinguishers to the installation of fire escape ladders, George Saadian and his team can efficiently and affordably fit (or retrofit) your property in Southern California. Additionally, Fire Protection Group, Inc. wants to reiterate that nothing should ever be hung from a sprinkler or placed over a vertically mounted sprinkler.

The National Fire Incident Reporting System also reports a rise in incendiary and suspicious fires from October 30th through November 1st. This is most likely because of the misbehavior associated with Halloween; luckily, many of these fires seem to be targeting vacant lots and abandoned buildings. That being said, fires are unpredictable beasts and a fire that starts at a nearby abandon building could quickly spread to your home or business. Fire sprinkler systems from Fire Protection Group, Inc. are one way to safeguard your property from a mischief-maker's trouble. Fire Protection Group, Inc. truly has the experience to protect your building from fire damage, even if it is nighttime and nobody is in the property. The company has safeguarded a dazzling array of projects, including but not limited to museums, malls, schools, hospitals, parking structures, refineries, residential properties, and even fire stations.

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