Halloween Inspires Home-Made Crafts

All Hallows' Eve just the start of seasonal sewing projects, says Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies.

Oct 18, 2012, 21:51 ET from Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The quality of store-bought Halloween costumes seems to decrease every year, while their prices seem to rise. In response, those with the skillset and the will choose to make their own, quality pieces. Whatever fantastic idea a person may have in mind, he or she can turn to Gold Star Tool, top-rate retailer of sewing supplies. Gold Star Tool is the online store of Los Angeles-based Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies, which boasts tens of thousands of products in its inventory. As such, the company is bound to carry whatever supplies or tools a customer may need to create a fantastic Halloween costume.

For the serious artisan, starting from the ground up on one of Gold Star Tool's dress forms is convenient and simple. With a range of dress forms—from children's full body forms to pregnant forms to a simple arm structure—the costume you craft could be for anyone in your family. These dress forms can pull double duty as well; once a costume is finished for Halloween, the form can be eerily adorned. Forego the scarecrow and zombie lawn decorations and make one of your own! After all, with free shipping from Gold Star Tool and their incredibly low prices, these dress forms probably don't cost much more than decorations from your local pharmacy. Plus, they're a better long-term investment, perfect for your future sewing needs.

Furthermore, Gold Star Tool recently added its line of snap buttons and related products to its online store. These are perfect for creating easy-to-wear Halloween costumes. The snaps available in Gold Star Tool's store (including pearl snaps, nickel plated snaps, flat metal cap snaps, and more) come in the standard four pieces. If you want a durable snap press machine with the capability to change dies, then Gold Star Tool also has plenty in stock. They have a market price of $129.00 each, but Gold Star Tool offers them at over 45% off at $69.99 (with free shipping!).

It's not just costumes that send sewing enthusiasts running to Gold Star Tool's online store. It's also the thought of fun, festive decorations. A quick perusal of Pinterest and other crafting sites turns up many results for do it yourself Halloween decorations. One found on an environmentally-friendly craft ideas site is a simple, yet bold, project: embroidery hoop pumpkins. Simply put orange fabric in one of Gold Star Tool's round embroidery hoops, add some embellishments, and, voila, pumpkin decorations that can be easily hung up on a wall. An even cleverer use of embroidery hoops, one that can even use Gold Star Tool's square or oval embroidery hoops, can be seen on Pinterest. This craft puts white lace into the embroidery hoop, then adds a spider detail, creating a spooky—and cute—decoration.

For more information, call a Gold Star Tool team member at 800-868-4419 or visit the store online at www.goldstartool.com.

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