Hamilton Telecommunications® Celebrates 110th Anniversary

110 years of continuous operation and growth attests to the strength and resilience of Hamilton and its multiple divisions

Oct 10, 2011, 09:00 ET from Hamilton Relay

AURORA, Neb., Oct. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hamilton Telecommunications® has announced the celebration of its 110th year of providing telecommunications products and services. The anniversary marks a significant milestone in the company's history and confirms that the communications and technology services offered by Hamilton are backed by more than a century of experience and innovation.

Hamilton Telecommunications was founded in 1901 as a local telephone cooperative serving Hamilton County, Nebraska. Quickly establishing itself as a pioneer in the telecommunications industry, Hamilton became an early adopter of innovative switchboard technology. As the company grew, Hamilton was one of the first to install a digital switch in the U.S. and was again at the forefront of change when it replaced cable lines with buried fiber optic lines, which have since changed the landscape of the telecommunications industry. Hamilton was also one of the first providers of Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) which has since expanded to include Captioned Telephone (CapTel®) Service.

"Hamilton has long been a leader in adopting and developing technology to enhance the services we offer," said Dixie Ziegler, vice president of Hamilton Relay. "By evolving and expanding in new directions, the company has enjoyed bringing innovative telecommunications services to meet the needs of a broad range of individuals for more than a century."

As the largest division of Hamilton Telecommunications, Hamilton Relay was established in 1991 to provide communication access via the telephone to individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind or have difficulty speaking. Over the years, Hamilton Relay has established contracts to provide TRS and/or CapTel services to many states and U.S. territories. In addition, Hamilton provides Internet-based Relay and CapTel Services that are available nation-wide.  

Hamilton Telecommunications has been a constant in an environment of ever-changing regulations, laws and economic conditions. "Hamilton continues to carry out our core strategies and beliefs of delivering personalized solutions that meet or exceed the needs of our customers," said Ziegler. "These strong values remain a guiding principle throughout all of the company's divisions and have contributed to our continuous growth and success."

Today, Hamilton Telecommunications encompasses seven divisions that operate on a local, regional, national, and international basis. Hamilton's diverse, yet closely integrated company divisions include:

  • Hamilton Relay
  • Hamilton Telephone Company
  • Hamilton Long Distance
  • Hamilton.net Internet Service
  • Hamilton Information Systems
  • Hamilton Managed Hosting & Colocation
  • Mid-State Community TV

"We are very proud of our 110 year heritage," says John Nelson, president of Hamilton Relay and vice president of Hamilton Telecommunications. "We appreciate the remarkable loyalty we have received over the years from our customers, the communities we serve and our employees. We look forward to continuing to provide the latest in advanced telecommunications and technology products and services to our customers for many years to come."  

Throughout the year, Hamilton is celebrating its 110th Anniversary through employee and customer appreciation events across the nation. Become a fan of Hamilton Relay and Hamilton CapTel on Facebook and follow Hamilton Relay and Hamilton CapTel on Twitter to learn about events happening in your area.  

About Hamilton Telecommunications

Hamilton Telecommunications® is a diversified communications and technology services provider headquartered in Aurora, Nebraska. Established in 1901, Hamilton has grown to encompass seven primary company divisions that allow Hamilton to operate on a local, regional, national and international basis.

About Hamilton Relay

Hamilton Relay offers a variety of services including Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), Captioned Telephone and Internet Relay services. Hamilton provides TRS and/or Captioned Telephone services to 17 states, the District of Columbia, the Island of Saipan and the Virgin Islands. More information is available at www.hamiltonrelay.com.

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