Hancock Institutional Advisors Provides New Service for Banks

Oct 28, 2010, 10:52 ET from Illinois Bankers Association

ST. LOUIS, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Hancock Institutional Advisors, a firm dedicated to fixed income portfolio management, ALCO services, and interest rate risk management, recently announced the launch of its Objective Portfolio Review service. Hancock is a Preferred Vendor of the Illinois Bankers Association.

As an objective evaluation of the fixed income portion of a balance sheet, Hancock's Objective Portfolio Review enhances and validates the existing portfolio management efforts of banks and other institutional clients. The service includes a thorough dissection and analysis of the client's portfolio, focusing on credit quality and projected performance.

"The Objective Portfolio Review supplements our existing math-based, total return investment management business," said Steve Rull, Managing Director of Hancock. "It provides an additional resource for banks that are internally managing their fixed income portfolio, but are looking for an independent assessment. The Objective Portfolio Review presents valuable analytics and recommendations for banks to provide to their boards and regulators."

Following the review, a summary report is provided, which includes observations and recommendations about the overall makeup of the fixed income portfolio as it relates to sector allocation and interest rate risk management. The report also includes an assessment of the complexities of individual bonds, with special attention paid to mortgage backed securities with extension risk, floating rate bonds with significant optionality, and callable bonds with cash-flow volatility.

For additional information, please contact Brandon Janosky from Hancock Institutional Advisors at bjanosky@hsgstl.com or (314) 997-3191 x 314.

About Hancock Institutional Advisors

Located in St. Louis, Hancock Institutional Advisors provides both investment portfolio management and fixed income evaluation services to institutional clients. Through the Executive Portfolio Management service, the team creates and manages customized portfolios, tailored to each client's financial objectives. The Objective Portfolio Review service offers a comprehensive audit of existing fixed income portfolios and presents a unique report focused on interest rate risk management. Hancock's team approach to client service allows for a strong understanding of a client's financial goals and ensures a continually high level of service.

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