Hand-ee-Cleat® Makes International Boat Show Debut in Newport and Fort Lauderdale

Capabilities as both a hand-hold and portable cleat make Hand-ee-Cleat® a unique mooring solution

Nov 13, 2012, 10:00 ET from Steele Development Group, Inc.

CAPE CORAL, Fla., Nov. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Steele Development Group, Inc. today announced the international boat show debut of the innovative marine product "Hand-ee-Cleat®" at the recent Newport International and Fort Lauderdale International Boat Shows.  These world class audiences greeted Hand-ee-Cleat® with a high level of interest and enthusiasm.  Hand-ee-Cleat® is a portable cleat and hand-hold which can be temporarily affixed to any dock pole, piling, or other objects whether they are made of wood, steel, concrete, or PVC.  This versatile, dual-function product makes your boating experience both safer and more convenient. 

A common problem when boating is pulling into port and finding no cleats, broken cleats, and/or not enough cleats in the right locations.  The patented cleat function of Hand-ee-Cleat® allows you to put a cleat just where you need it, without the damaging effects of a permanent attachment.  The Hand-ee-Cleat® also has a patented "open-cleat" design that creates a sturdy hand hold which makes getting on and off a boat easier and safer.  "I have two bad knees and had great difficulty getting on and off boats.  I gave up boating.  This 'handee' product allows me to easily, confidently, and safely board boats the majority of instances I couldn't before," said Dave Simms, Hands-ee-Cleat® customer.

Hand-ee-Cleat® is also perfect for customizing your home mooring for ultimate docking convenience when dealing with tides, attachment restrictions, and other mooring issues.  The Hand-ee-Cleat® has infinite uses around the boat, dock and beyond such as carrying an awkward load or as a hand-hold while working on your sailboat's mast.  "One of the things I enjoy is hearing from our customers about the new and innovative uses they have found for their Hand-ee-Cleat®," said Harvey Steele, President, Steele Development Group, Inc.

Construction and Availability

Hand-ee-Cleat® is constructed of glass-filled nylon, giving it exceptional strength and resilience.  Based on testing performed at an independent lab, and referencing the ABYC Horizontal Wind Load tables, two Hand-ee-Cleats® will secure a typical 30-40' boat in up to 30mph winds.  The 54" custom straps are made of high tenacity polypropylene webbing that is both abrasion and UV resistant.  You can find more information about Hand-ee-Cleat® and its use, as well as an informational video, on our website at www.handeecleat.com.   Hand-ee-Cleat® is proudly made in the U.S.A.  Hand-ee-Cleat® is in stock and available for $59.95 through the online store.

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