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It is a curious, strange, yet undeniable fact: individuals feel entitled to their space on the road. This doesn't just account for drivers. It accounts for bike riders, motorcyclists, and pedestrians as well. No matter the means of transportation, travelers always seem to feel as if the right of way is theirs and theirs alone. Hastings & Hastings thinks this is a rather regrettable situation indeed, and encourages everyone to share the road as best they can.

Dec 11, 2015, 08:00 ET from Hastings & Hastings

PHOENIX, Dec. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Rules regarding right-of-way are well established and well publicized. In fact such rules are rooted in logic and formulated with the safety of everyone in mind. Pedestrians are given the right of way because they are the most at risk when traveling. In a collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian, only one of the colliding bodies will suffer much damage. It does not take a physicist to figure out which. The pedestrian will be severely hurt while the vehicle might not even suffer a dent. A bicyclist is just as fragile as a pedestrian, yet often travels in even closer proximity to potentially deadly vehicles. Hastings & Hastings encourages everyone to share the road and take personal responsibility for their actions.

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Sociological studies have shown that there is one major barrier keeping everyone from being able to share the road equitably – a feeling of righteous indignation. Hastings & Hastings acknowledge that such a statement feels rather ambiguous. Further clarification is needed. Righteous indignation is defined as anger felt over a perceived mistreatment or sense of injustice.

This means that that is an underlying psychological condition driving the anger people feel when they are forced to share the road. Everyone feels as if right of way should be theirs and theirs alone. Hastings & Hastings pictures an ideal world in which everyone can get along. A world in which individuals gladly share the road. Empathy is the key. Hastings & Hastings encourages travelers of all kind to consider the need and concerns of everyone else on the road.

"We see changes happening across the country which are promoting an equitable sharing of road space. This year, Los Angeles recently joined a number of other prominent cities in promoting bike lane expansion. Having clearly marked established lanes for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers is a great way to end all doubt in terms of right of way. Everyone should still keep a sharp eye out though, while trying to exhibit kindness whenever possible," said David Hastings, the founder of Hastings & Hastings.

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