Hastings Keno Incorporated Launches New Technology For Keno

First Keno Kiosk Approved By State Regulators

Oct 11, 2013, 04:23 ET from Gaming Arts

HASTINGS, Neb., Oct. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Nebraska gaming regulators approved a new method for issuing keno tickets from your local tavern. On Tuesday inspectors gave the go ahead to Hastings Keno to begin issuing tickets on self-service kiosks. These state of the art devices called EZ Keno Kiosks are supplied by Las Vegas based Gaming Arts, a gaming technology provider and operator. Hastings Keno teamed with Gaming Arts to provide a simple, safe, and easy to use solution to bring convenience to their customers. That initiative led the companies to deploy the EZ Keno Kiosk at two locations to begin what's been called an evolution of Keno.

The Nebraska County and City Lottery Act historically prohibited the access of equipment to the player of lottery (Keno), this law was repealed in August of 2011 and it paved the way for the EZ Keno Kiosk. The Kiosk is comprised of dual screens one to choose a game and purchase and another to view the drawing results. Additionally players can now watch the game results play out or check past drawings on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. This advent of new technology allows for added convenience for the customers of Hastings Keno and allows for secure, safe transactions that have been held to the highest testing and legal standards.

"The EZ Keno Kiosk is a great benefit to my customers and I am proud to be the first in our great state to bring this new technology forward.  We feel that this is a huge advancement for the keno industry and for the gaming industry as a whole. We always strive to offer our players better options and now we can say that we have achieved a milestone event with the release of this exciting and convenient device. I am thankful to the State Regulators, the Senate, and our local politicians for sharing our vision," stated Michael Nevrivy CEO of Hastings Keno Inc.

This appears to be just the start of things for Hastings Keno and Gaming Arts. There are hundreds of taverns in Nebraska alone that offer keno and the growth possibilities of the new EZ Keno Kiosk should be a natural fit for many of these locations. Because the Kiosk is user friendly and intuitive there is no learning curve, the designers at Gaming Arts were tasked with making the EZ Keno Kiosk well… easy!

"We are very pleased to be the first to offer our new product through Hastings Keno and to the State of Nebraska. At Gaming Arts we focus on what the player wants and what is missing by doing this we have found many ways to create a better experience for the customer and for our operators. The EZ Keno Kiosk is a great example of technology making our lives easier and allowing us more time to enjoy our surroundings. We are excited for the launch this weekend and we are very appreciative of all those that have made this possible," added David Colvin CEO of Gaming Arts LLC.

Hastings Keno will debut the new EZ Keno Kiosk to its customers today with a public ribbon cutting ceremony. 

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