Havas PR Launches The Real Newscape Magazine

Today's News Is Constantly Being Redefined; This Publication Chronicles the Changes

Jul 10, 2013, 16:22 ET from Havas PR North America

NEW YORK, July 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- "This isn't your grandfather's 5 o'clock news" would aptly describe the news landscape today, but it would be as stale an idea as comparing that landscape today with what might have happened last week. After using that notion to develop award-winning campaigns through which clients can be the news rather than be in the news, Havas PR North America is taking its thought leadership a step further with the launch of The Real Newscape, a magazine for the agency and the entire Havas PR global collective of agencies.

Divided into sections for news, trends and the marketing communications and public relations industry, the magazine will chronicle how creativity, real time and trends are shaping the news today. Its pages will include everything from the latest global polling about on-trend subjects and Havas Worldwide prosumer research to Q&As with top Havas PR executives around the planet to a feature well that goes long-form on a diversity of topics. (Note: We're right in line with the trend spotted in The Real Newscape that says long-form journalism is alive and well, thanks to digital media innovators.)

Here are excerpts from the features in the first issue:

  • "News World Order." "Maybe some of us are nostalgic for the old days, when news was a static, factual, inarguable thing that a reassuring anchorman read to us, or that we read to ourselves while getting newsprint on our fingers—proof that we had consumed our serving of news for the day and could turn our attention elsewhere. If so, it's time to get over that nostalgia. Real time has rebooted everything. News, like all else we consume, is now a dynamic, constantly shape-shifting work in progress. We need to embrace the idea that news is fascinating and informative to watch as it's created and spread. We need to realize that we are active participants in the news and not just passive consumers getting a steady fix of facts and opinions."
  • "10 Trends Shaping the Way News Is Made, Consumed and Distributed." "Global consumption of news on mobile devices is rising. But rather than eroding the market share of TV and desktop news consumption, the various platforms are complementing one another by letting people consume news throughout the day. In fact, rather than consuming less news, people are consuming more."
  • "Metrosexual Moment." "With the hindsight of 10 years, it's now clear that the feeding frenzy that broke out in 2003 was not just about the new take on metrosexuals, although straight men who were 'just gay enough' struck a chord with millions. It wasn't even that the meme was a great reason for media outlets to run quizzes for men to find out how metrosexual they were. Beyond the obvious issues of grooming, Havas had managed to put its finger on the hot-button issues of men and maleness in general. In retrospect, it's now clear that this metrosexual meme resonated so widely because it gave people a simple but controversial way of talking about what was changing with men and women."

"The pivotal moment for the new news was probably 2008-09—from the Mumbai terrorist attacks to Captain Sully's extraordinary landing of his plane on the Hudson to Michael Jackson's death, all first reported on social media," said Marian Salzman, CEO of Havas PR North America, a world-renowned trendspotter who serves as editorial director for the magazine. "With a virtually infinite choice of media content available 24/7/365 through interactive channels, consumers who are even slightly savvy are now in charge of their own media experience. They use technology to get less of what they don't want and more of what they do—the media trifecta of entertainment, interaction and information."

Click here (havaspr.com/?page_id=1364) to download the premiere issue of The Real Newscape. For more information about Havas PR, visit us.havaspr.com.

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