Haven't You Heard ... Winter's Back! Secure Your Car With Viper SmartStart for Safer Driving This Winter

Viper SmartStart GPS is the ideal stocking stuffer for Moms, Dads, Grandparents and teens - more than just a remote car starter, it's peace of mind.

-Viper Motor Club roadside assistance and GPS tracking

-Monitor teen driving; set speed and location-based alerts

-One-word start, unlock or lock your car

-Voice-controlled access to vehicle, integrated with iPhone's Siri

Nov 12, 2012, 20:33 ET from Viper

VISTA, Calif., Nov. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- According to stats from the NHTSA, Thanksgiving is the deadliest time to be driving, with over 50% more drivers on the road and increased drunk driving rates – and New Year's isn't far behind. The stats don't lie, auto safety is important and the car is your largest mobile device … shouldn't there be an app for that?

There is and the Viper SmartStart is the perfect holiday gift for the car lover or high-techie in your family – or for road-trippers headed out to holiday destinations across snow-swept roads.

For cold weather climates buried in snow, the Viper SmartStart app lets you remote start your car from your smartphone – enabling you to defrost and warm up your car from your home or office before your commute begins.

Holiday travel on wintry roads with impatient and distracted drivers can be dangerous and unnerving. Viper Motor Club offers peace of mind and can send roadside assistance if users have a dead battery, need a tow or are left stranded by the side of the road. Viper Motor Club roadside assistance is part of SmartStart service plans.

Viper SmartStart GPS also offers powerful GPS tracking for the vehicle that includes alerts and social sharing – so even social friends can instantly learn your location if there's car trouble.

Holiday Gift for Moms and Dads of Teen Drivers

Car crashes are the No. 1 leading cause of death for drivers ages 16-20, and Viper SmartStart GPS can help turn statistics into "teachable moments." Speed alerts and a zone called a SmartFence provide parents insight into teen driving habits and locations.  Additionally, HotSpot alerts allow notification of safe arrival of the vehicle at a specific destination.

Viper SmartStart is also now integrated with the iPhone's Siri – another first for Viper, the brand that created the connected car category. Ever since launching the CES Innovations award-winning Viper SmartStart app in 2009, Viper has been an industry pioneer, connecting drivers to their cars like never before. For more information about Viper SmartStart, please visit www.viper.com/smartstart.

About Viper

For 30 years, Viper has been a world leader in automotive electronics. Viper protects and remotely starts more vehicles than anyone else on the planet. Viper created the connected car category with the launch of Viper SmartStart in 2009 – the app that lets you start, locate and control your car from virtually anywhere in the world.

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