Hawaii Team Partners With Spanish Inventor To Bring Revolutionary Wave-Generating Technology To U.S.

Jul 16, 2013, 06:02 ET from Honokea Surf Parks

HONOLULU, July 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Honokea Surf Parks (Honokea, pronounced ho-no-kay-a) is the first company to secure U.S. rights to the Spanish-engineered patented Wavegarden® technology. Wavegarden® Spain is a leader in a wave-generating technology designed for surf parks that offer both high performance surfing waves and smaller waves to teach people to surf.

Based in Oahu, Honokea will initially develop its surf parks in Hawaii and in Southern California. Company founders Kenan J. Knieriem Jr. (Keno) and Brian Keaulana are committed to sharing surfing in a safe way while promoting education, healthy living and sustainability.

"Honokea's goal is to operate surf parks in communities so participants can be active, healthy and happy through surfing and outdoor activities," said founder Knieriem.

Keaulana, renowned big wave surfer, is respected as a worldwide authority on water safety and risk management and is the son of legendary Hawaiian waterman, Buffalo Keaulana.

"There is a certain happiness associated with a great surf session. We want to share that feeling and experience while remaining true to Hawaiian surf culture," said Keaulana.

Honokea Surf Parks are anchored by a surfing lagoon, scalable in size, generating surfing waves that cater to different levels of surfers, beginner to professional. By eliminating variables and dangers typically associated with surfing in the ocean, the technology provides the highest quality waves independent of weather conditions for year-round participation.

Wavegarden's® latest prototype was built in Spain's Basque Country and generates perfectly formed tubing waves that break for more than 900 feet without losing power or shape, making it the longest man-made surfing wave in existence.

Professional surfers Taj Burrow, Dane Reynolds, Gabriel Medina, Jeremy Flores, Dusty Payne, Craig Anderson, Jadson Andre, Aritz Aranbaru, Adriana de Souza, Miguel Pupo and Pauline Ado have tested Wavegarden® waves. They say wave quality, shape and speed are suitable for the highest levels of performance surfing.

"The speed of the wave is perfect," said Reynolds, a California professional free surfer. 

"It's a revolution!" said women's world tour competitor Pauline Ado of France.

Honokea is pursuing projects in Hawaii, California and other states. For information on upcoming projects or partnership opportunities visit: www.honokea.com.

Honokea Surf Parks (Honokea) promote an active, healthy and happy surfing lifestyle to be shared with friends and family. Committed to using renewable and sustainable resources, Honokea seeks to provide consistent, perfectly formed waves in a controlled environment, year-round. For more information, visit: www.honokea.com.

Media note: Wavegarden® video link: https://vimeo.com/67886627

SOURCE Honokea Surf Parks