Hawaiian Hospitality Group Expands Eco-Friendly Services with Electric Submersible Vehicle Tours

Oct 26, 2010, 08:30 ET from Hawaiian Hospitality Group, Inc.

HALEIWA, Hawaii, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Hawaiian Hospitality Group, Inc. (Pink Sheets: HHGI), a growing provider of sustainable land use solutions and event services, is pleased to announce that its newly acquired submarine tour business will add to the Company's spectrum of green service offerings. Wholly owned Submersible Technical Services LLC will provide unique undersea adventures using quiet, electric-powered submersible vehicles with near-zero environmental impact. Hawaiian Hospitality Group operates an eco-friendly destination wedding site, has partnered with a solar distributor to provide solar energy systems, and is pursuing additional sustainable property development opportunities on Oahu's North Shore.

Hawaiian Hospitality Group's Submersible Technical Services LLC will operate the SportSub III, a state of the art lightweight three-person submarine that enables visitors to explore and experience Hawaii's fragile underwater ecosystems without damaging them. The whisper-quiet submersible vehicle is propelled by battery powered electric thrusters, offering low light and noise emissions and running on electric power rather than fossil fuels. Safety mechanisms include the automatic buoyancy control system, which maintains neutral buoyancy throughout a dive and prevents the sub from accidentally landing on reefs or disturbing the ocean floor.

Hawaiian Hospitality Group has also partnered with Nabisolar, an international business specializing in solar products as well as a range of other alternative energy systems. Hawaiian Hospitality Group offers solar energy system design and installation for Hawaii-based ecotourism businesses and will deploy the systems on its own development properties.

Hawaiian Hospitality Group's primary business is the operation of Loulu Palm Estate, a popular venue for weddings and events on Oahu's North Shore. The eco-friendly destination site and nature park generates revenue from venue fees and event services and has increased sales substantially this year.

Ms. Renee Leong, CEO of Hawaiian Hospitality Group, commented: "Hawaiian Hospitality Group was founded to provide sustainable, environmentally conscious opportunities to experience the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. Offering quiet, electric-powered tours of Oahu's spectacular seascapes represents a lucrative niche business that we believe will benefit customers and shareholders alike."

About Hawaiian Hospitality Group, Inc. (HHGI.PK)

Hawaiian Hospitality Group, Inc. is a growing provider of sustainable land use solutions and event services. The company draws on environmental engineering expertise to identify, design, develop and operate destination sites that provide environmental and commercial revitalization for Hawaii's coastal properties. Hawaiian Hospitality Group employs innovative approaches to land use that generate profitable enterprises while restoring and preserving the beauty and natural resources of the Hawaiian Islands. The company generates revenue from venue fees, catering services, wedding planning and other services on the destination sites it develops, maximizing value while minimizing the ecological footprint of its operations.

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