Haymaker's Empire Sports Management Responds to Bellator Claims

May 11, 2013, 17:55 ET from Haymaker's Empire Sports Management

LAS VEGAS, May 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Haymaker's Empire Sports Management, who recently signed Leonard Garcia, responds to Bellator's claims that "someone" has been pretending to represent Bellator making phony offers to fighters.

In light of Bellator's alleged legal chicanery with their own champions like Eddie Alvarez and Zach Makovsky, and high profile fighters like Leonard Garcia making known their desire to avoid a potentially bad situation, it is not surprising Bellator is trying to get ahead of the bad PR plaguing their promotion.  However, this story about a "phantom" Bellator representative making phony offers to fighters just strains credulity. One must wonder, if this had actually been occurring, why Bellator waited until now, after Garcia made known his and other fighters' mistrust of their promotion, to suddenly decide to make mention of "The Bellator Phantom."  The claim appears childish and far-fetched at best.

Haymaker's Empire Sports Management stands behind its fighters and won't allow them to be trashed by any organization.

SOURCE Haymaker's Empire Sports Management