HD Radio Alliance Announces 2011 Marketing Plans

Nov 30, 2010, 13:32 ET from iBiquity Digital Corporation

COLUMBIA, Md., Nov. 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The HD Radio Alliance member companies today announced a continuation of their joint partnership and an aggressive marketing campaign for 2011. The estimated media value for 2011 is in excess of $110 million on more than 650 radio stations in the top 100 markets.

Despite an otherwise difficult economic environment, the HD Radio Alliance and iBiquity Digital have been successful this past year in advancing HD Radio technology, consumer awareness and most importantly, HD Radio™ sales. With key announcements and partnerships from Apple, Microsoft, Best Buy, Sears, Ford, Hyundai, BMW and others, HD Radio Technology has continued to grow and gain momentum.

"2011 will bring some very exciting and perhaps surprising announcements that will be watershed events toward mass adoption," said Peter Ferrara, President of the HD Radio Alliance. "It is rewarding to see the continued commitment on the part of the member radio companies to help assure that success."

Bob Struble, President of iBiquity Digital commented, "The HD Radio Alliance has been instrumental in not only advancing consumer awareness but helping secure key deals with automotive manufacturers, receiver makers and national retail partners."

Additional Broadcast Groups Encouraged to Join Alliance Ranks

Additionally, Ferrara called on other radio broadcast companies that are not currently members of the HD Radio Alliance to join its ranks.  Unlike earlier requirements, there are no financial obligations, no format restrictions, and no commercial limitations to participate in the HD Radio Alliance. "With only a modest commitment of inventory, other radio groups can make a significant difference in our efforts. We invite all to participate," said Ferrara.

The 2011 creative and strategic planning will continue to be consulted by Jacobs Media along with Kevyn Howard and the production team at CBS Radio. "Working with the HD Radio Alliance has been uniquely challenging and immensely rewarding. We are delighted to continue to provide guidance for 2011," noted Fred Jacobs, President of Jacobs Media.

The HD Radio Alliance also oversees the consumer information web site HDRadio.com where information on local HD Radio stations and formats are listed along with a detailed "Buyers Guide" outlining HD Radio device, retailers and automotive availability. Diane Warren, President of Operations for the HD Radio Alliance pointed out that, "HDRadio.com continues to see consistently high traffic each month with many first time visitors looking to find the radio stations in their market and the best place to buy a new HD Radio receiver. It is the number one source of HD Radio consumer information."

About the HD Digital Radio Alliance

The HD Digital Radio Alliance is a joint initiative of leading radio broadcasters to accelerate the successful rollout of HD Digital Radio. Current members include major radio groups and independent station owners: CBS Radio, Clear Channel Radio, Greater Media, Emmis, Entercom, Bonneville International, Beasley Broadcasting, Buckley Radio, WBEB- FM Philadelphia.  For more information on HD Digital Radio, visit www.hdradio.com.

About iBiquity Digital Corp.

iBiquity Digital Corporation is the developer of HD Radio™ Technology, which is fueling the digital radio revolution in the United States and around the world. The digital technology enables broadcasters to offer new FM channels through multicasting, crystal-clear sound and data services on both the AM and FM bands – all free, with no subscription fee. Leading broadcasters, consumer electronics manufacturers, automakers and retailers are committed to HD Radio Technology. iBiquity Digital is a privately held company with operations in Columbia, MD, Auburn Hills, MI, and Basking Ridge, NJ. For more information, please visit http://www.hdradio.com and http://www.ibiquity.com.

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