Headway Digital Opens Door to Global Markets for U.S. Brands

Global media trading desk provides unrivaled access to international media and consumers

Jul 18, 2013, 07:51 ET from Headway Digital

MIAMI, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Headway Digital (www.headwaydigital.com), the online ad industry's global media trading desk, today announced a major new initiative to improve access to global markets for U.S. online agencies and advertisers.

Headway Digital is a highly regarded digital advertising company serving major global brands. The company offers a programmatic media trading desk with integrated demand side and data management platforms (DSP and DMP). The company specializes in global campaigns, offering multi-lingual, multi-cultural guidance to advertisers and access to regional ad networks and audience data. Until now, the company has been known mainly to overseas branches of major U.S. brands, but it plans to change that.

"More than half of all new internet users come from emerging markets. They represent the highest growth in internet usage and social media, yet content and advertising frequently isn't even in the local language, and media plans overlook top local properties because of a lack of real market understanding," says Martin Kogan, co-founder and co-CEO at Headway Digital. "U.S. brands are eager to grab this opportunity, but they need the kind of specialized knowledge and resources we offer in order to do it successfully and efficiently."

From its five worldwide offices, Headway Digital offers advertising trade desk services focusing on major global markets including Latin America, Europe, India, Asia and Africa. The company also provides niche capabilities for companies targeting the massive U.S. domestic Hispanic market.

"We have the relationships with inventory providers and aggregators around the world. We have the audience data. We have the localization capabilities. And most important, we know all the pitfalls – the technology issues, cultural landmines and regulatory requirements that can easily derail a campaign," adds Mr. Kogan. "We're a known commodity with a great track record already, so it's time for us to gain more exposure in the U.S."

Headway Digital's leadership team comes from digital giants including Yahoo! and Google, and its technology platform is among the most sophisticated on the market, offering predictive bidding, automated optimization, dynamic creative versioning and rich/media video capabilities media agencies want for clients in any market.

Organizations that want to learn more about marketing to global/emerging markets or looking for global media solutions can email sales@headwaydigital.com or visit www.headwaydigital.com.

SOURCE Headway Digital