Health Scholar Releases New Book Detailing Replacement for Obamacare

Jan 26, 2016, 08:45 ET from Pacific Research Institute

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacific Research Institute President, CEO, and Thomas W. Smith Fellow in Health Care Studies Sally C. Pipes has just published The Way Out of Obamacare, an actionable blueprint for replacing the president's health reform law.

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The book's release comes on the heels of Congress's successful effort to send President Obama a bill repealing major components of his signature law, which he vetoed.

"Americans are fed up with the Affordable Care Act," Pipes said. "They're looking for a credible, market-based replacement plan for Obamacare from those who seek to replace the president."

"My new book offers just such a plan and should be required reading on the campaign trail."

In her book, the latest in publisher Encounter's Broadside series, Pipes chronicles how Obamacare has crumbled since surviving a second constitutional challenge before the U.S. Supreme Court in the summer of 2015. Health insurance is more expensive than ever. Deductibles are too high for middle-class families. Enrollment on Obamacare's exchanges is much lower than forecast, thanks in part to the narrow networks of doctors that most policies cover. And businesses are struggling to shoulder the law's costs.

She then goes on to detail a seven-point plan for replacing Obamacare. Among her prescriptions? Age-based, refundable tax credits that would help all people pay for health coverage, regardless of their income. Greater use of Health Savings Accounts, which allow people to save money tax-free for health expenses. And a combination of vouchers and block grants to bring Medicare and Medicaid spending under control.

"The next step for healthcare reformers is to agree on a single replacement plan that will undo the wreckage wrought by Obamacare -- and capitalize on market forces to deliver affordable, accessible, quality health care for all Americans," Pipes said. "My new book shows them how."

Buy Sally C. Pipes's new book, The Way Out of Obamacare, on Amazon.

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Sally C. Pipes is the author of The Cure for Obamacare (Encounter 2013), The Truth About Obamacare (Regnery 2010), and The Pipes Plan: The Top 10 Ways to Dismantle and Replace Obamacare (Regnery 2012). She writes a biweekly healthcare column for  

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