Healtheo360 and Vital Options International Collaborate to Create Global Cancer Information Network

Will Provide Live News, Advice and Support to Patients and Caregivers Via Multiple Channels

Dec 01, 2015, 08:00 ET from Healtheo360

NEW YORK and ENCINO, Calif., Dec. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Healtheo360®, a web portal for people living with chronic health conditions, and Vital Options International, a cancer communication, education and advocacy organization, today announced the launch of the Cancer Collaborative, a global information network providing live treatment news, policy updates, and support services to patients and caregivers via healtheo360's Internet, social media and broadcast channels.

The Cancer Collaborative will enable nonprofit organizations such as Vital Options International to reach a broader audience by disseminating news and information through healtheo360's multiple communications channels.

Vital Options International will initially provide a large share of the Cancer Collaborative's content. For example, Vital Options will produce an Advocacy in Action® panel and several one-on-one Vital Conversations interviews with expert oncologists about treatment advances at the American Society of Hematology's December 2015 annual meeting in Orlando. Healtheo360 will broadcast these events live on its website and will also distribute the content via social media.  

As the Cancer Collaborative expands, it will also feature content from other cancer advocacy groups.

"Organizations participating in the Cancer Collaborative will contribute expert medical content that informs patients and caregivers about new treatment options as well as the future direction of cancer treatment," healtheo360 founder and CEO David Duplay said, noting that more than 800 cancer medicines and vaccines under development offer tremendous hope for patients. "Participating organizations will also contribute vital advocacy and support expertise, including advice on how patients can better organize around issues such as improving access to care for the underserved."

"Vital Options International will distribute that information through healtheo360, which will then take each organization's content, aggregate it and distribute it through desktop and mobile platforms. Further details regarding the framework and operations of the Cancer Collaborative will be worked out jointly between Vital Options International and healtheo360," Duplay added.

Vital Options International CEO Debby Bitticks said: "Healtheo360 provides us with a sophisticated platform for disseminating our message and the messages of other nonprofit organizations participating in the collaborative to a worldwide audience.  In fact, healtheo360's platform enables anyone anywhere to be a part of its community of patients and caregivers."

About healtheo360

Healtheo360 is a web portal for patients and caregivers seeking support and information about chronic health conditions.  This video-sharing online community is like a members-only "YouTube for Health" with many extra features. The videos enable users to share their stories face-to-face. Yet the focus is exclusively on chronic health conditions, and the proprietary technology that powers healtheo360 enables users to communicate within groups as well as through in-depth one-on-one conversations in a safe, firewall-protected environment.

Healtheo360 provides Virtual Social Therapy®, a set of online support services and original content that promotes real-time sharing of experiences and disease-specific knowledge. Healtheo360 delivers Virtual Social Therapy via a wide range of devices, including computers, iPhones and tablets, making it easy for users to peruse the stories of others just like them for inspiration, motivation, and support.

The premise behind healtheo360 is that people who are diagnosed with a chronic condition want to hear from others just like them to better understand what their future might look like, how to deal with the many challenges they could face, and feel less alone. To learn more about healtheo360, visit  Follow healtheo360 on Twitter at, on Facebook at, on YouTube at, and on Instagram at

About Vital Options International

Vital Options International (VOI) is a nonprofit cancer communication, education, and advocacy organization with a special mission: Generating global cancer conversations.  VOI was founded in 1983 by Selma Schimmel and since her passing in 2014, her lifetime work and legacy continues.

Today, through its  Advocacy in Action®Vital Conversations, and Living With Cancer platforms, Vital Options International continues to lead the most meaningful panel discussions and engaging one-on-one interviews about clinical trials, treatment advances, psychosocial issues, and access to care – all the vital challenges faced by everyone in the global cancer community.  Visit

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