HealthiVibe and Storyvine Forge Global Partnership to Develop the First of its Kind Patient Experience Video Research

Feb 05, 2015, 10:11 ET from HealthiVibe, LLC

ARLINGTON, Va. and DENVER, Feb. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- HealthiVibe, LLC and Storyvine Health today announced a joint partnership to co-develop a video-based product, The Patient Experience, that captures patient insights and allows for a unique qualitative/quantitative analysis of patient feedback from around the globe. This new mobile video-creation product creates self-produced patient and caregiver interviews via an iOS app, designed with message management, compliance and authenticity in mind. Pharmaceutical companies will receive expert analysis identifying key patient insights and perceptions to support the design and conduct of clinical trials and patient-centered initiatives.

The partnership aims to redefine the way patients share their stories, address key industry challenges and spark data-driven business change. The Patient Experience collaboration will draw on the strengths of each company: HealthiVibe's analytical and research methodologies, backed by the global recruitment power of more than 10 million patients, fused with Storyvine's video production mobile development platform. The combination will offer pharma companies both video and in-depth analysis that will transform how clinical trials are designed and allow them to achieve new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

"The Patient Experience allows patients to share their story, redefining today's market for designing clinical trials," said Alex Holderness, EVP & General Manager, Storyvine, Inc. "Our partnership with HealthiVibe further strengthens our commitment to patient health by offering an authentic voice of people on their medical conditions."

"HealthiVibe has strived to give Pharma companies the best possible analysis and insights into the salient aspects of a patient's medical journey, and partnering with Storyvine will further our mission to enable patients to contribute to the design of clinical trials, resulting in faster, more effective and less expensive research and development," said Abbe Steel, Founder and CEO of HealthiVibe.

About HealthiVibe, LLC
HealthiVibe offers a systematic, structured process for pharmaceutical manufacturers to obtain valuable patient insights around clinical trial design and patient-centered initiatives. The company is guided by the premise that patients should play a more instrumental and active role in clinical studies before they're designed and conducted—and throughout the entire patient journey. HealthiVibe obtains rich, real-time feedback through interactive patient advisory boards and focus groups, conducts mock clinical trial simulations and utilizes online surveys from a 10 million patient panel to reach a broader, more representative patient audience.

About Storyvine, Inc.
Storyvine Health is a unit of Storyvine, Inc., a video technology company founded in May 2012. The Storyvine platform combines the best features of professional video and user generated video. Storytellers self-produce interviews via an iOS app that coaches people through the interview process that asks them questions. All the editing is done automatically using a pre-determined template which we develop on behalf of our clients.

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