Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Queen Meg's Biggest Power Trip of All: Her Royal Coronation Tour, June 1 to 8, San Diego to Chico, In a Dazzling 'Royal Chariot'

Whitman's Corporate Life Unveiled—From Lord Mitt Romney's La Jolla Estate to the Goldman Sachs Headquarters

California Nurses Association's Satire Campaign Heads Statewide—Inspired by Efforts of ex-Goldman Sachs Director Whitman to Outspend Democracy

Jun 01, 2010, 08:00 ET from California Nurses Association

OAKLAND, Calif., June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Just weeks after Queen Meg of California first met the everyday voters she refers to as "peasants," Her campaign announces a royal barnstorming tour June 1 through 8, visiting the locations most associated with Meg Whitman's corporate background—and others most threatened by her corporate agenda.

The tour, in a dazzling royal chariot, will feature hundreds of local nurses rallying for the coronation of our state's new monarch and her pro-corporate agenda, all covered by the www.QueenMeg2010.com website and Facebook page.  To top it all off, Queen Meg will submit a petition from the peasantry to formalize her rule of California--a coronation not to be missed!  After all, the Queen Meg 2010 campaign slogan is "Rich Enough to Rule."

Rolling right up to the election, this South to North madness is the final act of the parallel, satire Queen Meg campaign run by the California Nurses Association—a campaign inspired by Whitman for Governor's efforts to undermine democracy with her bottomless campaign treasury.  

Tour Stops Include:

June 1

San Diego

Queen Meg Welcomes Mitt Romney to San Diego

June 2

Los Angeles

Queen Meg Thanks Pete Wilson for Radio Ad

June 3

Palm Springs

Queen Meg's Retirement Plan: 10 More Years at Wal-Mart

June 4

Santa Barbara

Queen Meg Demands "Save BP," Denounces Environment

June 5


Queen Meg Demands: "Keep the Goldman Sachs Donations"

June 6

Watsonville/Santa Cruz

Queen Meg's Pink Slip Party

June 7


Queen Meg Hits the Hustings

June 8

San Francisco

Queen Meg Knights Goldman and Sachs, for services rendered

"It's satire with a reality bite," commented Malinda Markowitz, RN, co-President of the California Nurses Association.  "After all the damage that Goldman Sachs and Wall Street have done to Main Street and everyday Californians, it's absurd to hand over the Governor's mansion to the first ex-Goldman Sachs director willing to spend all her loot."

"I could run Goldman Sachs, I can rule California, and I deserve the crown!," countered Queen Meg, whose official coronation initiative, filed with the Legislative Analyst's Office, reads:

"In honor of her $150 million campaign treasury, the people of California do hereby crown Meg Whitman as Queen Meg of California.  Her husband Griffith Harsh IV is crowned Prince Griffith of Palo Alto, and the Whitman-Harsh royal motto shall be 'Healthcare for the nobility, Education for the few, Prisons for all.'"

This is believed to be the first-ever ballot measure that aims to install state-based royalty.  Queen Meg anxiously awaits to hear back from the LAO, but has yet to.

SOURCE California Nurses Association