Hedge Fund Observer: Revolutionizing Job Search by Making it all About the Applicant

Mar 02, 2011, 13:46 ET from Hedge Fund Observer

NEW YORK, March 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Claude Schwab has reinvented the search model. After more than 10 years in the hedge fund search industry, Schwab has launched Hedge Fund Observer, www.hfobserver.com, a site designed to upend the way job seekers find new positions and customized career information. Instead of relying on fragmented, unreliable and out-of-date job boards or recruiters with a vested interest to serve their own clients, job applicants now have a site created with their specific needs in mind.

Starting at $29 per month for Charter Members, hedge fund professionals can now tap into a comprehensive array of job opportunities. With no outside revenues, the site has applicants' interests at heart. The site will be continually updated to include experienced-hire jobs from established alternative investment firms around the world and information gleaned from industry information providers. Schwab and his team members will be filtering Members and job postings to ensure high quality fits.

Throughout 2011, HFObserver.com will be rolling out new services including a comprehensive, detailed hedge fund directory, tailored/customized compensation and benefits information, and a social networking/advice section for members to connect with each other.

HFObserver.com operates on the principle of inclusion; employers can post their job listings for free. Schwab also capitalizes on his existing relationships with established hedge funds/alternative investment companies and with reputable search firms in order to provide Members with exclusive in-Network opportunities.

After going live on February 21, HFObserver already has over 100 job postings. Schwab says, "By putting job applicants' needs first, in the long run we are also serving the best interests of employers."

For further details and to join the Network, please visit www.hfobserver.com.

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SOURCE Hedge Fund Observer