Heed these Fire Safety Tips from Global Fire to Protect your Property

There are many measures you can take to protect your home from fire danger, but there is none as effective as the call you make to Global Fire Technologies, Inc.

Jun 12, 2014, 20:38 ET from Global Fire Technologies, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, June 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For years, property owners and building managers in need of sprinklers and fire alarms in Los Angeles have come to Global Fire Technologies, Inc. As a full service fire protection company, Los Angeles-based Global Fire offers expertise in areas of fire and safety that include engineering, design, installation, testing and maintenance. In any ordinary year, this would be exceptionally valuable. Yet, this year, the services at their firm are in particularly high demand. California Governor Jerry Brown has said that this fire season is likely to be the worst in recorded history, and wise property owners have taken notice. That's why a growing number of high profile building managers and owners of modest-sized properties alike have come to seek out for fire alarm, sprinkler and fire extinguisher service at Los Angeles' top company for fire protection needs.

It's a good idea for any building owner or manager to seek a consultation with fire experts like those at Global Fire. However, before doing so, it's often helpful to get a sense of what fire threats may be present on your property. Marilyn Kalfus of the Orange County Register recently shared a few small but immeasurably helpful steps a person can take that could save your home or property from uncontrolled fire. Kalfus' suggestions included replacing single-pane windows with tempered glass, installing  drip edge to gutters to protect vulnerable parts of the roof and ensuring vents are do not serve as potential entry points for burning embers.

These area all important fire safety measures, but for truly comprehensive defense against uncontrolled fire, your best bet is to trust your fire safety needs to the team at Global Fire. After all, the sprinklers, alarms and other services provided by their team aren't only invaluable safety systems, but they are also necessary for adherence to various municipal requirements.

For example, Regulation 4 of the Los Angeles Fire Department outlines various procedures for testing of fire defense systems. That's why property owners are always relieved to learn that Global Fire is fully insured and bonded with the licenses and certifications that are required of any California fire protection provider and their protection systems are designed to pass all Reg. 4 testing. You'll enjoy peace-of-mind knowing the fire prevention systems they install, monitor and inspect will adhere to federal, state and local fire codes.

It's understandable if the risks of this fire season have you feeling anxious. However, it's important to remember that there is no reason to panic, as long as you take precaution by allowing the experts at Global Fire Technologies, Inc. to do what they do best – protect your property and those under your care from the ravages of uncontrolled fire. To protect your investments and those under your care, contact the team at Global Fire Technologies, Inc. by calling 818-330-7136, or visit the company's web site at GloFireTech.com. 

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