Hello Schizo Foundation Demands Congressional Investigation Into American Psychiatry and Big Pharma's Speculative Business Practices

Jun 22, 2011, 05:30 ET from Hello Schizo Foundation

Pleads For International Help

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., June 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Rhonda Coleman-Albazie, Executive Director of The Hello Schizo Foundation, is initiating and calling for an immediate, formal Congressional Investigation into the highly speculative business practices of American psychiatry and big pharma's trillion dollar profit over people enterprise with a track record of 0% cures, 0% long term case management and 100% ineffective treatments for any of the mental illnesses American psychiatry concocts.

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The Hello Schizo Foundation also wants Congress to investigate the alleged resurgence of covert psychology experimentation programs like MK-Ultra by the CIA on patients without their consent or knowledge.

Patients have been video taped reporting instances of mind control programming sessions at the hands of their psychiatrists. The patients are also relapsing immediately and returning to hospitals like UCLA Neuropsychiatric within days after being injected with psychotropic drugs. Even after being an in-patient for weeks, then released, patients are readmitted on a regular basis. Medications that aren't effective and are causing irreparable damage must be taken off the market to protect the public at large. Video footage available at www.helloschizo.org.

In a period of six months UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital billed patient Lance Coleman, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and his family in excess of $1,000,000.00 + for medications that did not work, 100% ineffective treatments and non existent symptom management!

Coleman, who is not a danger to himself nor others at this time had a complete mental breakdown immediately following and was induced by a 100mg injection of Haloperidol received on May 27 by Psychiatrist Carl Fleisher M.D. and UCLA Neuropsychiatric Department Head, Stephen R. Marder M.D.

Coleman's Beverly Hills Psychiatrist Lana Milton M.D. urged the family to try experimental electro-shock therapy to deal with Coleman's symptoms. His other psychiatrist, Sahib Khalsa M.D., advised that since none of the medications worked, the young man should be committed indefinitely in an institute for the mentally deranged.

After weeks as an in-patient, and still no progress from several medications or treatments, the bewildered psychiatrists at UCLA Neuropsychiatric now want to try yet another of the nearly 23 anti-psychotic medications that Coleman has already been prescribed over the course of five years. Coleman is on an extended 30 day hold in UCLA Neuropsychiatric ICU 4E, a maximum security psychiatric ward, against his will and against his parents' wishes as UCLA Psychiatrists scramble to stabilize him. A state medical hearing board will meet today regarding his future.

"Those in mental crisis are being exploited as guinea pigs and multi-million dollar jackpot ATM machines by American psychiatry and big pharma," says Coleman-Albazie, who hails from a family of renowned Ivy League physicians.

The Hello Schizo Foundation asserts that American psychiatry and big pharma have a historical and factual track record of failure and in order to protect the public at large American psychiatrists and big pharma must be much more heavily regulated and monitored by consumer protection and watchdog agencies.

"Lance should not be imprisoned in a maximum security psychiatric ward to be experimented upon against his wishes or our consent because American psychiatry doesn't have the answers, the cures, nor effective treatments. None of the meds work. This is realistically a Psychiatric Plantation," adds Coleman-Albazie.

Coleman-Albazie is also now also pleading for international support from the world's top psychiatrists to save her son's mental state, inviting international review of her son's medical case and treatments to succeed where American psychiatry has failed.

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