Helping Online Retailers Find the Value in their Transaction Data - Terapeak for PayPal

Jun 08, 2010, 13:00 ET from Advanced Ecommerce Research Systems Inc.

VICTORIA, BC, June 8 /PRNewswire/ - Advanced Ecommerce Research Systems (Advanced) today announced the expansion of the scope of its data driven market research tools beyond their popular eBay market research tool associated with the brand Terapeak. An eBay Certified Provider, Terapeak software provides users with detailed reports on market activity and items that are high demand. Advanced has now turned their attention to the millions of transactions that take place on PayPal every day.

Recognizing the need for online sellers to better understand their transactional data - and therefore their buying audience, effect of marketing and seasonal changes - Advanced worked with PayPal to take raw payment transaction data and design Terapeak for PayPal. The innovative new tools leverage Advanced's existing understanding of very large databases to provide a customizable, in-depth view of account activity.

Key to this new product is the opportunity for the seller to quickly, frequently and completely visualize their business. Just as the Terapeak for eBay tool facilitates a thorough understanding of the eBay marketplace, the PayPal related application brings users a complete view of their own markets, and makes sense out of the sales data that is generated by payment accounts. Terapeak for PayPal allows online sellers to rapidly monitor sales trends, customer location, and set sales goals that can be easily reviewed every quarter. The first level of service is available for free.

"We're delighted with the opportunity to apply our understanding of very large databases to another high-traffic area in ecommerce," says Advanced/Terapeak CEO Fred Speckeen. "This new toolset allows sellers to put a microscope over their accounts and gain a thorough understanding of their customers. We've created a bookkeeper that never sleeps. When used in combination with our Terapeak for eBay research, sellers can further increase the efficiency of their online stores."

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Advanced Ecommerce Research Systems (Advanced) specializes in delivering ecommerce-based analytics and insight to support the investment, product management, marketing, and advertising decisions of its thousands of clients. Advanced does this based on its core competencies in storing and mining large ecommerce datasets. The company was founded in 2004. For more information on Terapeak for eBay and Terapeak for PayPal visit

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