Heraeus and Sensable Dental Continue Advancing Digital Dental Restorations

Heraeus Licenses its Acclaimed Premium Tooth Library to Sensable for Integration into Intellifit™ Digital Restoration System

Mar 07, 2011, 08:03 ET from Heraeus

SOUTH BEND, Ind., March 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Heraeus Kulzer, provider of esthetic dental solutions, and Sensable Dental, leading provider of Touch-Enabled dental restoration design and fabrication solutions, announced today that Sensable Dental is integrating the Heraeus Premium line digital tooth library into its award-winning Intellifit™ Digital Restoration System. Dental labs worldwide using Intellifit now can utilize Heraeus Premium virtual teeth when designing natural-looking dental restorations for dentists and their patients with digital speed, precision and consistency.  

In 2009, Heraeus licensed its popular Mondial tooth line to Sensable. The addition of Heraeus' Premium tooth library further extends the versatility of Sensable's Intellifit for creating a wide variety of restorations including metal and flexible partials, crowns, bridges, veneers and full contour substructures and overstructures.  Officially launched in early 2008 and used by dental labs worldwide, Sensable's Intellifit system is the first and only TE (Touch Enabled) CAD/CAM system for designing both fixed and removable restorations.

For years, Heraeus has set the standard for natural dental esthetics and functionality by retaining the natural anatomy and morphology of each tooth. By integrating the Premium line virtual teeth, Sensable's Intellifit system expands dental labs' choice in tooth libraries to jump-start their digital designs and achieve greater precision and consistency in the restorations they create.  

"Heraeus denture teeth have long been synonymous with high-end excellence – providing the patient with both exceptional esthetics and function," said Bob Steingart, president of Sensable Dental. "By integrating the Premium line digital tooth library into the Intellifit system, we continue to fulfill our promise to provide dental labs with the utmost in versatility, flexibility and productivity."

"We're pleased to be able to use our complementary strengths and expertise to provide solutions that allow dental labs to add to their bottom line while providing superior results to the dentists," says Chris Holden, President of Heraeus Kulzer.  

The Heraeus Premium tooth library will be included in the newest version of Intellifit, which was announced in Chicago last week at three dental lab industry events timed with the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.  For more information on Intellifit, call 855-872-7255 or visit www.sensabledental.com.  

For more information on the Heraeus Premium Tooth Line, call (800) 431-1785 or visit www.heraeusdentalusa.com.

About Heraeus

Heraeus, the precious metals and technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a global, private company with over 155 years of tradition. Our businesses include dental products and biomaterials, precious metals, sensors, quartz glass, and specialty lighting sources. With product revenues approaching euro 2.6 billion and precious metal trading revenues of euro 13.6 billion, as well as more than 12,300 employees in more than 110 companies worldwide, Heraeus holds a leading position in its global markets.

About Heraeus Kulzer Dental

The Heraeus Kulzer Dental Division aspires to deliver unparalleled innovation and exceptional products that deliver ultimate value to both dental practitioners and laboratories. While product safety and efficacy are always our main goals, we also aim to create value-based products that unlock new levels of productivity in dental practices and dental laboratories. Interrelated products including the Venus® brand of low stress composites, Venus White®, Flexitime®, Gluma® and iBond® offer exceptional diagnosis, treatment, and restorative care.

Heraeus also collaborates with health care providers, researchers and academic institutions to support community wellbeing and overall oral health. To that end, Heraeus is a corporate supporter of the National Children's Oral Health Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides access to care for thousands of underserved children, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

For more information on Heraeus or its products, call (800) 431-1785 or visit www.heraeusdentalusa.com.

About Intellifit

Intellifit is the first and only TE (Touch Enabled) CAD/CAM system for fixed and removable restorations.  Formerly named the Sensable Dental Lab System, Sensable recently rebranded its award-winning TE CAD/CAM solution as the Intellifit Digital Restoration System. The new name showcases the solution's unique intelligent software and system integration across scan, design and fabrication that delivers precise, consistent results.

About Sensable

Founded in 1993, Sensable remains the leading developer of touch-enabled solutions and technology that allow users to not only see and hear an on-screen computer application, but to actually "feel" it.  With 44 patents granted and over 9,000 systems installed worldwide, Sensable helps people innovate with human touch solutions.  The company's Sensable Dental division provides the Intellifit Digital Restoration System, while Sensable also sells a suite of 3D design solutions that includes its flagship product, Freeform®; and the Phantom® and Omni™ lines of haptic devices, used in surgical simulation and planning, stroke rehabilitation and medical training, as well as a range of research and robotic applications.  With an unparalleled commitment to partnering with customers, Sensable brings a human touch to innovating and implementing customer-centric solutions.   Sensable products are available through direct and reseller channels worldwide.  www.SensableDental.com.

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