HESCO Flood Barriers Protect Property In Iowa

Jul 04, 2014, 12:47 ET from HESCO

IOWA CITY, Iowa, 4 July 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- As Johnson County officials issued mandatory evacuation orders for residents in low-lying areas earlier this week, HESCO flood barriers were deployed in the City of Iowa City, City of Burlington, City of Davenport along the Mississippi River this week as part of the flood preparation efforts. Hesco Bastion, Inc. is a leader in the design, manufacture, and deployment of earth-filled barriers, and is based in Charleston, SC.

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With several rivers that flow into the Mississippi River in danger of over-topping, HESCO flood barriers are being installed to protect critical infrastructure and ensure main roads for emergency services remain functioning. City of Iowa City have installed HESCO flood barriers to protect municipal utilities, and installed a mile long flood wall to protect Cole and Thatcher Mobile Home Parks. The University of Iowa constructed a 12 foot high wall built from HESCO flood barriers around the Mayflower, and a 4 foot high flood defence along the east and west banks, water plant, student union and Advanced Technology Laboratories. In Coralville, a suburb of Iowa City, a 1300 foot long wall built from HESCO flood barriers was built along Clear Creek.

HESCO defensive barriers are renowned for keeping U.S soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan safe when they are away from their homes and families and now HESCO flood barriers are protecting towns and business throughout America during flooding, tropical storms and hurricanes.

Constructed from wire mesh and lined with a special geotextile fabric, HESCO baskets are delivered flat packed and can be filled using virtually any locally available material, such as earth or sand. HESCO flood barriers have significant advantages over traditional sandbags in terms of speed and structural integrity. A typical wall of 1,500 sandbags can take 10 persons up to 7 hours to fill and build. The same length and height of wall using HESCO barrier products can be erected and filled with two persons and a standard front-end loader in just 20 minutes. With product strategically placed throughout the US, as soon as warnings are issued HESCO storm barriers can be deployed to protect critical infrastructure, businesses and homes immediately.

Based in the UK and the US, HESCO Bastion was founded by the renowned Leeds industrialist and philanthropist, Jimi Heselden and is a leader in the design and manufacture of rapidly deployable, ground-mounted barrier systems for the purposes of military protection, homeland security and flood protection.