Hewins Financial Advisors Launches Enhanced, Tax-Efficient Indexing Service

The national, CPA-based financial advisory firm introduces Tax-Smart Indexing™, a new platform designed to help clients enhance after-tax investment performance.

Dec 10, 2015, 06:00 ET from Hewins Financial Advisors

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Dec. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In August, the financial markets spiraled into correction territory for the first time since 2011, following a long stretch of strong gains. While unnerving, the volatility highlighted an important opportunity for smart investors: to employ strategies aimed at minimizing their tax bills, thereby improving after-tax return potential.

Tax-loss harvesting can be the "silver lining" of a market decline, as depressed stock prices provide opportunities to realize capital losses that can be used to offset gains elsewhere in investors' portfolios. Hewins Financial Advisors ("Hewins"), a national, CPA-based financial advisory firm, has always employed tax-aware strategies for its clients, including tax-loss harvesting at the mutual fund level. It's extending that approach through the launch of Tax-Smart Indexing™ (TSI), a new service that combines the savvy of tax-loss harvesting with the power of indexing.

TSI provides clients with a flexible, separately managed account (SMA) that tracks an index, which allows for tax-loss harvesting all the way down to the individual stock level. This also presents opportunities for tax-loss harvesting during down and up markets, when fewer stocks are experiencing losses.

While many advisors wait until year-end to tackle tax planning for their clients, Hewins actively tax-loss harvests throughout the year to better capitalize on market volatility. Clients' TSI accounts can be monitored frequently for tax-loss harvesting opportunities, which can lead to greater savings over time and better after-tax returns.

"As a CPA-based advisor, integrated tax and investment planning is central to the value we bring clients," says Martha Post, Chief Operating Officer at Hewins. "Our new TSI offering is designed to enhance our clients' bottom lines by taking our tax-aware approach to the next level."

Beyond the launch of TSI, Hewins is actively educating its client base and the general public about the benefits of tax-efficient investing as part of its new OneBite Webinar™ series. For more information about the webinar and upcoming educational opportunities, visit Hewins' website.  

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