HFI Offers Advanced Certification for UX Practitioners

New Certified User Experience Analyst™ (CXA) program expands and validates advanced concepts in user experience design

Dec 17, 2010, 14:22 ET from Human Factors International

FAIRFIELD, Iowa, Dec. 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Human Factors International (HFI) launches an advanced certification program for User Experience (UX) practitioners.

Based on the success of HFI's Certified Usability Analyst™ (CUA) certification, this new designation,  the Certified User Experience Analyst™ (CXA) program, expands and validates a person's knowledge in key advanced concepts like persuasion engineering, strategy and innovation, and the institutionalization of a UX practice within an organization.

The certification is supported by four new training courses:

Course 1. How to Support Institutionalization of a Mature UX Practice – Culture change, industrial strength practices, and knowledge management.

Course 2. How to Design for Persuasion, Emotion and Trust (PET design™) – Advanced techniques to motivate users to explore, discover, interact, and return to an organization's website.

Course 3. How to Design for The Big – User-Centric Innovation and Strategy – Learn to contribute to your organization's strategic planning and thinking on user-centric strategies and product innovation.

Course 4. The PET Architect – Engineering persuasion and engagement into strategies, innovations, and online applications.

According to Dr. Eric Schaffer, CEO and Founder of Human Factors International, "HFI being the largest organization that specializes in user-centered design and user experience design, we have a certain responsibility to contribute to the field. So we provide a set of certifications. We have certified over 3000 people with the CUA designation. This represents about 10% of the world's census of user experience designers."

"We are offering this new CXA designation in response to CUAs who have moved beyond traditional usability and are looking for validation of their advanced knowledge and experience. It's very exciting. This set of knowledge represents the current major step forward that we are taking as a field."

Find out more at www.humanfactors.com/certification/CXA.asp

Read Dr. Eric Schaffer's free white paper on HFI's new CXA certification program – www.humanfactors.com/CXA-Certification.asp


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