HG Data Company Announces "HG TechFunnel" as Partnership Program for B2B Media Companies

Jul 24, 2012, 11:30 ET from HG Data Company

NEW YORK, July 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- HG Data Company, the leading supplier of targeted sales leads used by vendors of enterprise technology, today announced a partnership program designed for B2B media companies.

"The leaders in lead-generation tech media now have a breakthrough tool to help their advertising clients better reach the enterprise customer," explained HG Data's Tim Baskerville in announcing the program in a New York speech before ABM, The Association of Business Information & Media Companies.

The new "HG TechFunnel" program adds specialized business intelligence to leads collected through channels such as banner advertising, white papers, webinars and live-event registration.

"Until now," explained Baskerville, "tech lead-gen campaigns typically captured skimpy profile information on contacts--such as their general area of interest, name, and an email address. With HG TechFunnel, our media partners can append any number of 1700 distinct attributes to the lead—something that's never been done before."

HG Data offers a constantly-updated database of millions of named contacts and the specific enterprise resources deployed at their worksites, literally from A to Z (Adobe to Zenoss). When it goes live later in the year, HG TechFunnel will allow HG Data's media partners and their advertising clients to identify the precise characteristics of a lead that are relevant to them.

The census tracks technology by major product category (such as SaaS CRM), brand (VMware) and model (Solaris 11).


HG Data is a "Big Data" business intelligence service used by leading technology companies for marketing and sales leads as well as research and investment decisions. HG Data produces a detailed census of specific technologies utilized at an enterprise's geographic sites. The company's proprietary platform scours the open Web, combining unstructured data with advanced analytics, resulting in detailed profiles of more than 500,000 geographic locations.  HG Data was founded in 2010 by the team that built and profitably sold data-company NOZA to Blackbaud, Inc. The HG Data website is at www.hgdata.com

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