High Summer Temps Warm Up Business in Hair Removal

Hotter than usual Southern California summer adds additional impetus to woman and mankind's ongoing battle against unwanted hair.

Aug 03, 2012, 14:16 ET from Renaissance Laser & Vein Institute

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The battle against unwanted hair goes back a very long time, but every summer the urgency seems to increase as very revealing bikinis for women remain popular and excess body hair on men becomes ever less popular. The phones at plastic and vascular surgery specialists, Renaissance Laser & Vein Institute always ring more frequently during the warm summer months. This year, however, the number of inquiries regarding laser hair removal in Los Angeles have far outpaced the usual expectations for the clinic.

It might not be that big a mystery. Though women remain the most common subjects for hair removal, the gender divide on the topic has largely dissolved. Long gone are the days when the saying "that'll put hair on your chest" was seen as promise and not a threat. Cultural attitudes  have rendered pretty much all hair not residing on the head as an eyesore. Thus, its removal, once a concern only for women primarily desiring to remove leg hair, facial "peach fuzz" and, later, around the bikini line, has become a male pursuit as well.

For both genders, however, this year's unusually intense heat – plus an added dose of somewhat un-Southern Californian humidity -- has increased beach attendance. That's been especially true for warmth-weary San Fernando Valley and Ventura County residents near Renaissance Laser & Vein Institute's east valley and Thousand Oaks locations.

"I'm not surprised to hear that Renaissance Laser & Vein is getting a lot of calls lately for laser hair removal in Encino," said a female patient who wished to remain anonymous. "When it gets this hot, you get sick of air conditioning and the only place to be is the beach – and you're not going to dress in a sack there."

"The heat was the final straw for me," said a formerly hirsute male patient who also definitely wished to remain anonymous. "I work outdoors a lot. Being on the hairy side only made it that much worse. When it's all hot and clammy outside, the last thing you want is a layer of fur all over your body. Aside from not wanting to look like an oversize bonobo around a swimming pool, I've really felt a whole lot cooler since getting hair removal treatments at Renaissance."

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