Highlights from Tina Brown Live Media's Second Annual American Justice Summit

Feb 02, 2016, 13:43 ET from Tina Brown Live Media

NEW YORK, Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Tina Brown Live Media, in association with John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the Ford Foundation, presented the second annual American Justice Summit on Friday, January 29th, at John Jay College in New York City.  The Summit explored the urgent need for criminal justice reform and brought together politicians, law enforcement, activists, and individuals and families who have been directly affected by the justice system. Highlights from the Summit are available below.  Please credit Tina Brown Live Media's American Justice Summit in any coverage.

For full quote highlights and full Summit, visit: http://www.tinabrownmedia.com/events/american-justice-summit/

Kalief, My Beloved Son: Venida Browder 

  • (On Kalief): "He was determined. He hated Rikers and he didn't want to do anything to ever go back. He wanted to turn his life and just be, as you say, a productive citizen. And he tried and he got his GED. He took it the first time and passed. Then he enrolled into BCC (Bronx Community College). I mean, he ended his spring semester with a 3.5. Now you took away three years of my son's life, imagine what he could have accomplished if he was able to be out here and get an education like he was supposed to, he could have went far...When I heard Obama that he mentioned Kalief, I was like 'Oh goodness, finally,' but the President of the United States acknowledged it. De Blasio and the judge, but the city won't acknowledge it. Rikers, the NYPD, the judicial system, all three of them had a part in my son's death and nobody has come forward to take the blame."

Interview with US Attorney Preet Bharara: Preet Bharara

  • (On the financial crisis): "I don't think there was a failure of resources there or a failure of will. I wasn't there, I joined the office much later, and again I'm one office, and decisions were made on who would look at which bad things arose from the financial crisis. And maybe it's possible, that someone taking a step back, maybe someone should ask that question later in the day, of an individual coming. But, I think that the people in my office worked as hard as they could to try to see if there was a crime based on the things they were looking at."

Interview with Dean Strang: Dean Strang

  • (On framing a guilty man): "Absolutely, you can frame a guilty man just as easily as you can frame an innocent man and in some ways it is more likely. In this sense, I think that it is really an unusual and abandoned act of evil when a police officer sets out to frame someone he knows or believes to be innocent."

The American Justice Summit is generously supported by leadership sponsors the Ford Foundation and John Jay College of Criminal Justice; supporting sponsor Thompson Reuters; and partners JustLeadershipUSA, The Marshall Project and VICE News.

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