Himfr Reports Potash Fertilizer Market Trends

Jun 03, 2010, 10:00 ET from Himfr.com

BEIJING, June 3 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Himfr.com, one of China's leading B2B search platforms with more than 30 B2B industry websites to its name, reports potash fertilizer market trends.

Himfr analyzes that since the beginning of May, imported and Chinese potash fertilizer prices have declined; as the current inventory is low, some believe that the current potash price has reached a relative low, but there are also some who suggested that during the period of time, Chinese demand for potash was low too, causing prices to decline.

In contrast, big manufacturers' potash prices were firm with only a small decline. For Chinese big manufacturers, only 60% of the potassium chloride price is 2,300 RMB/ton; if the demand is relatively large, probably only 2250-2280 RMB/ton. These manufacturers' prices will remain relatively firm, and the reason lies in its inventory pressure being relatively small. Although after the Spring Festival, the prices were lower, sales were good; with reduced inventory pressure, these companies have confidence in the market.

It appears the current trend is a result of low demand; in the next period of time, the demand for potash fertilizer will face a difficult breakthrough, so potash prices will stand firm. Also, urea and diammonium are in a state of relative surplus production capacity; their hopes of rising prices are not great.

Himfr believes that autumn fertilizer potash consumption will not make any major breakthrough. Although there will be some autumn fertilizer potash consumption needs, compared with the spring, there will still be a gap. Regarding Chinese farmers' fertilizer use, they generally choose low concentration compound fertilizers with nitrogen and diammonium mixing -- not potassium fertilizers, so the demand is not likely to pick up.

Himfr expects that the potassium chloride market in July will improve, but in the off-season room for improvement of potassium chloride prices is limited. Himfr predicts that potash fertilizer prices will fall back to about 100 RMB/ton, and demand for Chinese potash fertilizers will remain significantly higher than that of the import potash fertilizers.

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