"Hire Your Next Customer" Microjobbing Trend Introduced By Thumbzz.com

Dec 07, 2015, 08:35 ET from Thumbzz.com

ATLANTA, Dec. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Thumbzz.com introduced its updated microjob website in early July 2015 and created a new trend to the "gig" industry by encouraging businesses and individuals to "hire their next customer." The new site has grown to include over 200 advertisers that pay users to visit websites, watch videos and do mini-reviews for their products or services.

Thumbzz.com advertisers also now have the ability to choose a specific country, state or city to give advertisers the opportunity to reach microjob seekers and potential new customers anywhere in the world.

Thumbzz.com uses a patent-pending microjob rating system to pay its microjob seekers. This system allows them to be the only site of its kind to offer monthly subscriptions to their advertisers. The site founder says that the microjob rating system creates a way for an advertiser to save on purchasing high priced keywords or intrusive social media advertising by giving them a guaranteed visits of potential customers for a fixed rate.

"You could spend thousands of dollars on pay-per-impression advertising or click keyword campaigns and not really know that the potential customer visited your website," says site founder, Lisa L. Johnverrell. "By using our site to hire people and give them a small task to complete you will know that they actually saw your product or service. It's great for branding and interaction with your new potential customers."

Thumbzz.com advertising subscriptions start at $99.00 per month for the do-it-yourself advertiser that wants to manage their own campaigns, or $250.00 per month for a fully managed campaign by the Thumbzz.com staff. There are also a limited number of annual subscriptions available at a discounted rate for do-it-yourself or fully managed campaigns.

Thumbzz.com offers a 24-hour advertiser assistance line and a free 15-minute consultation to potential advertisers that call 1-844-THUMBZZ, or 1-844-848-6299.

Thumbzz Website: http://www.thumbzz.com

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