Hispanic Motion Picture and Media Company ITN Flix Files Suit Against Media Giant Univision

Mar 14, 2016, 13:33 ET from ITN Flix

SALT LAKE CITY, March 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ITN Flix, a Hispanic motion picture and media company, has filed suit against Hispanic media giant Univision for copyright infringement, unfair trade practices and unfair competition.  ITN Flix Manager Gil Medina, a third generation Mexican American businessman, writer, producer and director, said, "It is a sad day when a media giant like Univision that claims to support the Mexican American businessman steals, destroys and attempts to bankrupt the very people it claims to support. This is a very serious case of brown on brown crime.

"Univision supports and finances a network that steals dreams and ideas, intellectual property and the creative art from the Mexican American businessman and people for profit and gain through their stock and ownership.  They own a stake and have funneled millions of dollars into the El Rey network, which Univision claims is the network that will bridge the gap for third-generation Spanish speaking Mexican Americans in their IPO that they are attempting this fall.  Yet they have attempted to destroy the very people, the Mexican Americans, who they are profiting from.

"I will stand and fight, just as Emiliano Zapata did, for the injustices that have been caused to the Mexican American, especially to the Mexican American artist.  Just as under the reign of Porfirio Diaz in Mexico, many lands were stolen by wealthy hacienda owners, Emiliano Zapata led an army of peasants to reclaim those lands because it was the right thing to do.  My grandmother didn't come to this country and work for years as a maid at a hotel to support us so that I could be a victim at the hands of a company which claims to be for the Mexican American.  As Mexican Americans, we have an obligation to fight against the injustices against us, especially by our own when they publicly claim to be for us.

"We have attempted to contact Haim Saban, the board members of Univision and Univision Holdings, Inc. repeatedly but have continued to be ignored, as if we have no value as Mexican Americans.  As a U.S. citizen, I would not buy stock in a company that claims to be for the Hispanic population, then uses the money raised to finance the El Rey Network, Robert Rodriguez and his destruction of the same people the Univision network claims to champion."

A suit has been filed in the federal court of Utah. 

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