Hitachi Systems and Services to offer Privileged Password Manager in Japan.

Jun 08, 2010, 10:00 ET from Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

Automates secure and efficient management of access to privileged accounts.

CALGARY, June 8 /PRNewswire/ - Hitachi Systems and Services Tokyo, (hereinafter Hitachi Systems) will start offering Hitachi ID Privileged Password Manager in Japan, effective June 10th, 2010. Additional identity and access management solutions from Hitachi ID Systems, Inc. will be added to the Hitachi Systems product line-up later.

Masato Saito, Chief Strategy Officer of Hitachi ID Systems, Inc. commented regarding the agreement with Hitachi Systems, "Hitachi ID Privileged Password Manager has been widely deployed at large corporations in North America and Europe. We are confident that the combination of Hitachi ID's technology and Hitachi Systems' integration expertise and local market presence will enable many Japanese customers to benefit from the same robust internal controls."

Over the past few years, many enterprises have started deploying identity management systems to strengthen internal controls and to improve user productivity and IT efficiency. However, many IT departments continue to share passwords to privileged accounts(1), with manual processes to coordinate password changes and system access. This situation can lead to information leakage incidents, unauthorized access and audit failures.

    (1) Privileged accounts refer to login IDs on systems and applications
        which are used to manage those systems, run services or authenticate
        one application to another. Privileged accounts, such as root on Unix
        and Administrator on Windows, generally have more security
        entitlements than regular user accounts.

Hitachi ID Privileged Password Manager helps organizations to secure access to privileged accounts by:

    -   Periodically randomizing passwords on privileged accounts.

    -   Storing current password values in an encrypted, physically
        distributed vault.

    -   Controlling and auditing access of IT users to privileged accounts.

    -   Re-randomizing privileged passwords after every login session.

    -   Streamline access of heavy users to privileged accounts by
        automatically launching login sessions from the Privileged Password
        Manager web UI.

    -   Supporting one-time access access to privileged accounts through a
        request form and sophisticated workflow engine.

Privileged Password Manager's geographically distributed, fault-tolerant architecture ensures that the password vault will survive everything from equipment failures to physical disasters.

Privileged Password Manager's security model ensures that only the right user can gain access to sensitive accounts, only at the right times and that users always leave a clear, documented audit trail.

Built-in auto-discovery infrastructure and remote-connector architecture allow Privileged Password Manager to be deployed without installing agent software on existing systems and applications, significantly reducing project risk cost and delays.

Hitachi Systems projects the sales of its identity management solutions to reach 1 billion Yen in three years by adding Hitachi ID Privileged Password Manager to its product line-up.

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