Hive-IO Partners with Login VSI to Integrate Testing and Automation Suite into Platform-as-a-Service Solution

Leading Solution for VDI, Virtualized Servers, and Infrastructure Offers Login VSI Testing Suite as Part of its Hive-IO Cloud Compute Appliance Platform

Dec 17, 2015, 08:45 ET from Hive-IO

NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Hive-IO, a leading software-defined infrastructure solution, today announced that it is partnering with Login VSI to integrate the Login VSI testing and automation suite into its Cloud Compute Appliance Platform.  The integrated solution offers an array of testing services and options natively and without additional infrastructure to enterprise and SMB customers using the Hive-IO platform.

Login VSI is the universally accepted standard for performance and load testing across VDI and SBC. As the critical performance-testing component of the Hive-IO platform, four specific Login VSI functions will be integrated on Hive-IO Appliances: unit/scale Testing, synthetic user acceptance testing, production synthetic testing, and focused problematic workload forensics. Enabling these functions is simple; the customer need only provide a license key.

Beyond traditional unit/scale testing, the Hive-IO-Login VSI partnership offers customers the ability to shadow and evaluate live cloud workloads in real time, replacing reactive problem solving with predictive management tools. Methods such as segregating problem workloads, hunting for maximum pressure guests, and separating guest problems away from infrastructure issues have been engineered into the offering.

"Login VSI is the industry standard testing for virtualized desktop environments, used by technology providers and enterprises alike. We are excited to be involved in validating the performance of Hive-IO's PaaS offering as we see this as a great opportunity for a single-vendor solution to reduce complexity." – Eric-Jan van Leeuwen, CEO of Login VSI.

"The Hive-IO platform is a software-defined infrastructure that elevates servers, storage and networking. It is designed to match expanded compute workloads, and free them from outdated, proprietary approaches. The integration of Login VSI's world-class product suite into the Hive-IO platform creates exciting opportunities for us and for our customers. "– Kevin McNamara, CTO and Founder, Hive-IO.

Hive-IO tests with Login VSI benchmarks have focused on stress testing, where virtual users represent the workloads of real-life users and the impact they have on performance and scalability. Stress testing unveils what happens to a user experience under extreme conditions. The partnership between Hive-IO and Login VSI benefits the end user by providing a universally accepted method of unit and scale testing for cloud computing.

Hive-IO's platform is a unified cloud solution that reduces cloud storage needs an average of 70%, removes vendor sprawl and provides unparalleled security on premise. The solution services VDI, virtualized servers, Hadoop, and custom Linux workloads, and can be delivered on your premise or in a hybrid cloud depending on customer need. Management of the platform can be done in house or can be sourced externally to Hive-IO certified partners.

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