Holiday Family Film Lessons Learned with Spear Security, Inc.

Courtesy patrol and other security services could have thwarted the Grinch and the Home Alone thieves.

Jan 04, 2013, 14:47 ET from Spear Security Denver, Inc.

DENVER, Jan. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, you've probably seen a few of cinema's favorite Christmas classics over the holiday season. Spear Security Inc., trusted name in a wide-array of security services  since 1991, believes its security management skills could have prevented many of film's most notorious Christmas crimes. With a wide-reaching and personalized security patrol, Spear Security can make any home, business, industrial space, or residential complex the safest it can be.

Take How the Grinch Stole Christmas, for example. In the film, the Grinch wreaks havoc on the town of Whoville, stealing their gifts and decorations and lying about his identity when caught in the act by a small child. If the citizens of Whoville had enlisted Spear Security's courtesy patrol, the story would have been much different. The team at Spear Security guarantees a noticeable presence on grounds and in neighborhoods. Their appearance is noted, deterring criminals from perpetuating their wrongdoings. With high-profile security cars and audio-visual equipment at their disposal, the security service from Spear Security discouraging even the most determined grinch from breaking and entering. Plus, Spear Security ensures a discreet, comfortable attitude in its staff, which means that nothing about their appearance could ruin a festive spirit.

Home Alone is another movie where a simple Spear Security patrol could have prevented personal and property damage. True, the main character, Kevin, disposes of his infiltrators through convoluted, life-threatening traps straight from Rube Goldberg's playbook. If Kevin's family or neighborhood had enlisted Spear Security's services, then Kevin could have had security services available to him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year, including Christmas. From the first sign of danger, he could have called a helpful operator at Spear Security who would have immediately dispatched a security guard promptly to safeguard his home from invasion.

Practically any holiday film could benefit with some Spear Security assistance. An unruly scene in Jingle All the Way could have been averted if the mall had used Spear Security's thorough and polite corporate security services. Personal guards could have made Tim Allen's quest in Santa Clause go even smoother. Perhaps a visible security presence in his neighborhood may have prevented Ralphie from shooting his eye out in A Christmas Story; it's definitely a possibility.

Luckily, Denver and its surrounding cities in Colorado have the protection of Spear Security available when they need it. Spear Security's range of services includes courtesy patrol, security guard services, corporate security jobs, security management, and much more. With decades of experience in the private security sector, Spear Security can tailor the most appropriate plan for your needs. Visit to learn more about Spear Security.

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