Hollywood Police Department Locates Interstate Fugitives with Vigilant Solutions

Nov 14, 2013, 09:00 ET from Vigilant Solutions

LIVERMORE, Calif., Nov. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Vigilant Solutions announces today that the Hollywood Police Department in Florida used Vigilant Solutions to bring two interstate fugitives to justice.

Detective Daniel Justus explains, "As part of the Economic Crimes Unit, I was assigned a case involving an elderly victim of 89 years of age.  Over the course of three months, he was scammed for a loss approaching $300,000.  Through investigative work, I was able to identify two suspects, a female and her husband.  I confronted these two suspects and provide them an opportunity to give a statement prior to filing a warrant for grand theft and elderly exploitation."

"The next day, realizing their predicament, they disappeared.  We had no idea where they had fled, and we looked for approximately two months using conventional methods with no success.  Having been in contact with Vigilant Solutions to discuss their license plate recognition (LPR) systems and facial recognition, I was aware of their national LPR data network which has LPR scans from all over the country in excess of 1 billion detections.  Having no other viable leads, I contacted them and asked if they had any information on my suspect's license plate, " continues Justus.  "I was pleased when they provided me with temporary access to the LEARN software which showed multiple sightings of the vehicle roughly 2,500 miles away in Las Vegas."

Justus concludes, "I made contact with the fugitive squad of Las Vegas Metro PD, and both suspects were taken into custody without incident on 1st and 2nd Degree felony charges.  The suspects are awaiting extradition at present thanks to Vigilant's LPR data network and LEARN software.  This arrest would not have been possible without the information from Vigilant, and these suspects would have likely disappeared with the $300,000 taken from our elderly victim.  I believe in the investigative potential for Vigilant's solution, and I hope to get this great tool for our department."

Shawn Smith, Founder and President of Vigilant Solutions, states, "I'm extremely pleased to hear of this level of cooperation between one of our sales managers and the Hollywood PD.  This is a great example of one of our team members thinking less about making a sale and more about our passion to protect officers, families and communities.  We applaud Detective Justus for being vigilant in his responsibilities, and for not giving up in his desire to apprehend these suspects and bring closure to the victim."

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