Holon: The Process Adaptive Interoperability Framework

After more than two decades of helping fortune 500 companies resolve their interoperability needs, SNAPS, Inc. has formed Holon, a wholly owned, healthcare focused subsidiary, to help hospitals and providers connect and collaborate

Jun 02, 2010, 07:00 ET from Holon

ATLANTA, June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Holon, the new standard for healthcare interoperability, today announced its entree into the healthcare information technology vertical.  Signaling our new direction is the Holon Brand. Holon: (Greek: holos, "whole") is something that is simultaneously a whole and a part, a system that is itself a part of a larger system and  signifies the blending of proven technologies with actionable intelligence to measurably improve care. The company's logo is in the shape of a "universe" to reflect the all encompassing nature of the Holon Process Adaptive Interoperability Framework.

After over two decades of helping fortune 500 companies meet their data and workflow interoperability challenges, Holon has been created to focus solely on the unique connectivity challenges faced by the healthcare community and to bring information and people together in rapid, cost-effective and meaningful ways. "In an era of increased focus on healthcare interoperability and ongoing pressures to reduce costs, Holon leverages your existing systems to achieve significant new functionality at low cost," according to Holon founder and CEO Pierce English.

The Holon Framework is an EAI platform that includes flexible data exchange, workflow, and document management capabilities designed to enable your organization to leverage existing systems while meeting new, complex requirements.  Major investments in resources and hardware are not required to implement solutions using the Holon framework. It is application and hardware agnostic and enhances and extends your existing systems to provide the level of functionality and system interaction you need while avoiding point-to-point connections and Holon provides the implementation resources to adapt the solutions to your environment.

The Holon framework was built from the ground up to facilitate both enterprise wide and department level solutions. Using configurable modules that surround discreet functions, we combine these modules to create solutions specific to your needs.  The Holon framework's flexibility can be extended beyond the four walls of the hospital. Each referring physician's preferences for interacting with your organization can be facilitated and managed using the Holon framework.  There is no need to wait for each entity to implement an Electronic Medical Record and to develop HL7 interfaces for each EMR solution; using the Holon Framework you can unite with your physicians today.  Then, as they acquire or upgrade an EMR or provider system, Holon can adapt to that change with little disruption.

About Holon Solutions: Holon reduces costs and increases productivity by automating manual workflows that have been created to overcome deficiencies in siloed applications. Using the Holon "Process Adaptive Interoperability Framework" we create the rules for moving and making information actionable and deliver it in the form and context preferred by the receivers. Holon offers advanced workflow applications including pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, referral management and transcription flow that can be customized using your organization's rules. Our web-based, flexible, real time data exchange platform manages both delivery and viewing preferences and enhances and extends current systems to deliver information WHEN, WHERE and HOW you need it.  For more information, please visit us at www.HolonSolutions.com.