Homes by Vanderbuilt: Green Homes Reduce Energy Costs

As Americans turn on their air conditioning units to cool off from the summer heat, many homeowners are finding that their energy bill is higher than expected. Homes by Vanderbuilt, approaches this common problem with new solutions aside from typical A/C repair.

Jul 31, 2012, 06:00 ET from Homes by Vanderbuilt

SANFORD, N.C., July 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- While the summer heat can prove miserable to many residents across the country, a monumental energy bill can sometimes be more discomforting. Even if homeowners are using the same amount of air conditioning as they did in previous years, many are noticing significant increases in their monthly energy costs. A recent article from The San Francisco Chronicle discusses that the problem may not necessarily be a result of A/C overuse, but due to leaky ducts. While many may seek sealing services to improve their homes energy efficiency, Homes by Vanderbuilt suggests that new technology could provide long-term solutions to this common issue.

According to the article, "The federal Energy Star™ program says that the average home loses 20 percent of its conditioned air through leaky ducts. This wasted cooled and heated air means the home's cooling and heating system will perform less efficiently." Homes by Vanderbuilt adds that a faulty system will not just cost more; energy over-expenditure can be costly to the environment as well. Fortunately, the company observes in a recent press statement, "New technologies and developments in modern HVAC systems will save homeowners thousands of dollars over the life of their home."

The company makes sure to use such advanced systems in its wide selection of modular home models, as it serves residents in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia – regions that are known to become incredibly warm and humid in summer months. While current homeowners may need to seek the costly repairs listed in the article, Homes by Vanderbuilt proposes that prospective buyers take caution before looking at an older home that may have an aged and leaky HVAC system.

Although modular homes have recently gained in popularity, Homes by Vanderbuilt explains that prefabricated homes are very energy efficient. The company's line of Xtreme Green Homes are especially cost-saving, even in areas outside of heating and cooling, such as lighting and material waste associated with construction. In addition, the company notes that each home's provided appliances exceed Energy Star™ standards. Rather than taking risk with a traditionally-constructed home, customers have found that modular homes are not only cheaper to build, but reduce energy costs and can bring in additional savings as a result of current tax credits that target green construction initiatives.


Homes by Vanderbuilt constructs prefabricated modular and double wide homes. In doing so, the company provides the opportunity of homeownership to Americans living in North Carolina, southern Virginia, and the northern region of South Carolina. Homes by Vanderbuilt provide living spaces that are built one section at a time and monitored closely by the quality control department. Once the modules are complete, they are transported to the property of the homeowner. Homes by Vanderbuilt are proud to provide an avenue to homeownership to its customers.

SOURCE Homes by Vanderbuilt