Homes by Vanderbuilt: Prefab Housing Industry is Constantly Innovating

The latest innovations in pre-fabricated homes were recently displayed at the Dwell on Design 2012 event, showcasing industry progress. Modular home provider Homes by Vanderbuilt is inspired by these developments and hopes that they will spur greater interest in the product.

Nov 13, 2012, 06:00 ET from Homes by Vanderbuilt

SANFORD, N.C., Nov. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Although modular, or pre-fabricated homes, have often been associated with a dampened stigma, leaders within the industry have recently shown construction professionals, businesses and homeowners just how effective this type of property can be. A recent article from Jetson Green discusses some of the latest innovations in modular housing, delivered by a California-based company known as Connect:Homes. Across the nation in North Carolina, pre-fab housing provider Homes by Vanderbuilt reviews these new solutions in design, construction and shipping, and remains impressed by the latest developments.

According to the article, Connect:Homes set out to showcase the creative design possibilities that could be accomplished through pre-fabricated modular homes at the recent Dwell on Design event. It states that while modular homes are proving to be sustainable, functional and relatively cost-effective, there are still some costs associated with shipment and construction that prevent potential homeowners from pursuing this advanced option in housing. Such expenses have notably made these homes less accessible. However, some regional companies, such as Homes by Vanderbuilt provide resources that do not have to travel far, allowing customers in nearby areas to attain these homes.

The article notes that "transportation can cost nearly $100,000 cross-country or $400,000 overseas for the typical prefab home." Likewise, when cranes are needed for installation, it is reported that the cost of the equipment could be as much as $15,000 a day. However, Connect:Homes has revamped these procedures by restructuring shipping methods and utilizing roll modules as an alternative to crane use. Familiar with these high costs, Homes by Vanderbuilt applauds Connect:Homes for improving processes that could one day become industry standard.

Homes by Vanderbuilt notes that while the costs of modular homes are a great benefit to many consumers, it is also important to consider how these properties can benefit the environment.

According to the article, such features as improved insulation, dual-flush toilets and recycled materials have made these types of homes a formidable option in face of today's environmental concerns. Homes by Vanderbuilt adds that the construction waste created by modular home installation is also considerably less than that associated with traditional home construction. Paving the way for the future, Homes by Vanderbuilt continues to provide innovations of its own, by developing a line of eco-friendly structures in its Extreme Green series.


Homes by Vanderbuilt constructs prefabricated modular and double wide homes. In doing so, the company provides the opportunity of homeownership to Americans living in North Carolina, southern Virginia, and the northern region of South Carolina. Homes by Vanderbuilt provide living spaces that are built one section at a time and monitored closely by the quality control department. Once the modules are complete, they are transported to the property of the homeowner. Homes by Vanderbuilt is proud to provide an avenue to homeownership to its customers.

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