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Apr 19, 2013, 04:57 ET from HomeServe

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With a winter that seems to have lasted a lifetime, now's the ideal time for green fingered folk to head outside and make the most of their gardens. So with signs of spring starting to show, we've compiled our handy hints to help you enjoy your garden for longer this year - starting from now!


1. Plan what you'd like your garden to look like

The weather still may be a little wintry outside at times but that shouldn't stop you planning what you want your garden to look like this year. Think about what plants you'd like to see in bloom and how you want to arrange your garden. Maybe you'd like to plant a vegetable patch to help you become more self-sufficient. Whatever your dream garden looks like, plan ahead, keep a diary and research where you can buy local supplies from.


2. Prepare your garden

Over winter it's unlikely that your garden will have received the same level of attention as other times of the year. With this in mind start by spring cleaning your garden getting rid of any leaves or debris. Why not freshen up the appearance of your garden by cutting your grass and trimming your edges? These small changes will give your garden a new lease of life and won't cost you a penny.


3. How to get your greenhouse gleaming

Before you get into the swing of spring clean out your greenhouse so that you can use it to its full potential. Remove any plant debris and disinfect it with a garden disinfectant inside and out. Remember to clean out your pots and seeds trays too and ventilate your greenhouse so that it dries out.


4. Weed out the enemy

Keep your garden weed free by putting newspapers down between the rows in your flower beds. The newspaper will not only keep the weeds at bay but it will also add great nutrients to the soil. If your plants are being attacked by pests, fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and dish soap and spray the solution over your garden until you find where the pests are hiding.


5. Tips for tidying up your tools

You wouldn't clean your home with a dirty mop and the same rule applies to your garden, don't do any gardening with dirty tools. Looking after your garden tools will help to protect them and prevent the spread of disease in your garden too.

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