Hooper Holmes Adopts the Stayhealthy(R) Total Body Composition Management System(TM) Into Its Health and Wellness Offerings

New web-based biometric screening system promises to be powerful agent for change in improving outcomes, reducing healthcare costs

Jun 09, 2010, 09:00 ET from Stayhealthy, Inc.

MONROVIA, Calif., June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Stayhealthy, Inc. an innovative, privately owned health solutions company in health and fitness measurement, announced the adoption of its Stayhealthy Total Body Composition Management System™ into the offerings of Hooper Holmes, a leading provider of risk assessment services for the insurance industry.  The Hooper Holmes' Health and Wellness Division provides complete biometric screening services for Health and Care Management companies. The Stayhealthy Total Body Composition Management System™ is a breakthrough innovation in the measurement of health and fitness levels.  

Chris Behling, President of Hooper Holmes Health and Wellness said, "Our customers are working hard to establish onsite health interventions that drive real and lasting behavior change.  The challenge has been accurately measuring progress and impact on a regular basis.  We are excited to add the Stayhealthy Total Body Composition Management System to our solution as we help health management companies engage more participants, gather more data, and drive real and lasting behavior change that improves health and lowers healthcare costs."

According to Stayhealthy executives, body composition is a far more clinically accurate measure of health and health risk than the typical total body weight, or Body Mass Index (BMI) metrics long used as health indicators.  Body composition analyzes total body weight in two categories – "good pounds" or lean mass (metabolically active body tissue such as muscle, bone, and organs), versus "bad pounds" or excess body fat.  It also analyzes hydration, the amount of water in the body.  

An unhealthy body composition ratio may be a precursor to elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels, type II diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.

Speaking from AHIP's Institute 2010 Conference, Behling added, "A growing percentage of the lab and biometric screenings we conduct support value-based benefit designs, tying out-of-pocket insurance costs to several critical health measures.  The Stayhealthy system provides enhanced means of accurately measuring body fat, which is a key risk factor in the onset of certain diseases."

John Collins, CEO of Stayhealthy, Inc. explained, "What is unique in the Stayhealthy approach is the science and research behind the solution, and the bundling of the technology into a HIPAA-compliant, web-enabled wellness management system easily used by employee and plan sponsor alike."

Individuals can set goals, view results, and monitor their progress over time via a personalized, secure dashboard.  Employers or corporate wellness providers can review results across an entire workforce or group.  "As sponsors monitor trends over time, they will be better equipped to create support programs to drive long term behavior change, and in turn, reduce healthcare costs," said Collins.

CEO Collins continued, "Two key components are at the heart of the Stayhealthy Total Body Composition Management System: Bio-impedance based devices, along with a server-based set of algorithms that actually perform the body composition analysis."  The algorithms have been developed and validated through research and extensive clinical studies conducted at the University of Southern California Medical Center.  The Stayhealthy Total Body Management System's technology is FDA Class 2 cleared.  

The results of the most recent two-year clinical study will be published in an upcoming issue of the peer-reviewed journal, Nutrition Research.  

About Stayhealthy

Stayhealthy, Inc., based in Monrovia, CA, is a privately owned health solutions company committed to changing the way the world measures health and fitness.  At the core of the Stayhealthy solution is its advanced web-enabled, clinically researched technology for accurately and consistently measuring individual body composition. Developed over more than fifteen years of research and clinical validation, Stayhealthy links this technology to its revolutionary activity monitor to bring a complete solution to individuals attempting to proactively manage their health.  The Stayhealthy Total Body Composition Management System™ allows individuals to understand their health status, set goals for improvement and monitor progress.  For the sponsor of a program, the Stayhealthy system provides comprehensive reporting at a population level, so overall program performance and progress can be monitored and adjusted as necessary.  Stayhealthy solutions are ushering in a new era of proactive health management at the consumer level.  More information is available at www.stayhealthy.com.

About Hooper Holmes

Hooper Holmes (AMEX: HH) is a leader in collecting personal health data and transforming it into useful information, enabling customers to take actions that manage or reduce their risks and expenses. With presence in hundreds of markets and a network of thousands of examiners, Hooper Holmes can arrange a medical exam anywhere in the U.S. and deliver the results to its customers. Hooper Holmes has four divisions: Portamedic provides a wide range of medical exam services nationwide. Heritage Labs tests millions of samples annually and helps life insurers improve underwriting performance by better applying the predictive powers of today's tests. Hooper Holmes' Services provides the industry's best value in data collection, tele-interviewing and underwriting services. Hooper Holmes Health & Wellness provides a complete service for wellness, disease management, and managed care companies including scheduling support, fulfillment of supplies, blood collection kits, medical screenings, lab testing and data transmission.

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