Horror Production Company Vultra Video releases VHS to raise money for own feature

Feb 13, 2013, 08:40 ET from Vultra Video

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Feb. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Vultra Video is a new production company that was formed in Syracuse, NY in 2012 by Jason West and David Royal. With big dreams of one day putting out the films the two have grown to love, Jason and David decided on pursuing their dreams. In less than a month they had a company name, a great concept and in no time they had already finished shooting their first faux trailer for "The Fumigator."

You can watch the trailer here

The trailer was shown at an event that David and Jason run called "The Syracuse Annual Horror & Sci-Fi Garage Sale" which happens once a year in upstate NY.

The event page can be found here

The garage sale was a great success that generated a huge amount of buzz and landed them a great following. Thinking about what the next steps should be they decided that they would not only make movies, but would also buy the rights to films and give them a re-release on VHS to raise money for their own features.

So began the jump start of a supposed "dead format" and a very warming reaction to the fans of such a forgotten era. Vultra Video started to release a new VHS a month and all the money that was made was going towards filming the next 2 films (Sawtooth Massacre, and GOREgeous). "The fans have been supporting us endlessly and have shown us that we actually are on to something with what we are doing," said Jason West.

Vultra Video are already six releases in with such films as Scrapbook, The Necro Files, and Violent Sh*t 4 and already have their next 7 films lined up. Every package comes with a poster, is signed by the director, and comes with one more unique item pertaining to the film. The first 5 releases are already sold out and are going quicker with each film they release.

Their next film is Eric Stanze's Ice From The Sun, and will be available for purchase through their website as of February 24th at 6pm. If you have a film that is also looking for distribution you can contact them below. They are always searching for new talent.

If you are a fan of the genre and would love to see what else Vultra Video has to offer next please like their page over at www.facebook.com/vultravideo and visit their website over at http://www.vultravideo.com.

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