Horticulturalists Keen on Reduced Grass Cutting Policies

Feb 20, 2013, 07:30 ET from Turfland Farms Ltd

SOUTHPORT, England, February 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

In many parts of the country councils are choosing to cut back on the regularity with which they cut areas of grassland in order to save money. Members of the public, tourists and professional horticulturalists such as the team at EnviroMat are fully behind the idea because of the impact the change is likely to have on green spaces.

South Tyneside council is the latest council to elect to reduce the regularity of its grass cutting policy. Councils are under a great deal of financial pressure given the current economic climate and they need to find creative ways of saving money that don't impact too negatively on the areas under their jurisdiction.

It was found that some areas of grassland in South Tyneside were being cut up to 14 times during the spring and summer months - with the cost of the maintenance reaching £1m. Cutting back has been determined a viable way of reducing spending.

However, the experts at EnviroMat - one of the UK's leading suppliers of sedum matting for the growth of plants in areas of poor soil - are keen to point out that leaving areas of grassland to develop naturally will also greatly enhance the natural environment.

Areas of grassland are crucial for the encouragement of wildflowers which in turn attract wildlife, enabling the development of thriving ecosystems even in relatively built-up areas. By cutting green spaces less frequently, the experts argue that councils will not just save money, but will give towns, cities and villages greater natural appeal.

Members of the public are reportedly keen to see areas of grassland cut less frequently if it enables councils to keep spending money on services. The increased visual appeal of more abundant wildflowers and grasses is seen as an added bonus.

Those interested in learning more about the positive impact of sedum matting and wildflowers are encouraged to visit the team at http://www.enviromat.co.uk. EnviroMat has grown sedum matting in the UK on a large scale since 1999 and the team now provides 70 per cent of sedum roofs used in the country.

SOURCE Turfland Farms Ltd